Many laws have been made to control the hunter-gatherers. But despite this, these innocent animals are being hunted stealthily. But say, sometimes the predator also becomes a victim. A similar surprise story has emerged, where the elephant killed the hunter, the king of the jungle ate that hunter. You will not believe it but this event is true.

In the South African Kruger National Park, the elephant tricked a suspected rhinoceros hunter, after which the lions made him his mule. According to the BBC report, the victim’s companion told his family that on 2 April, the elephant crushed him, causing him to die. The relatives of the hunter informed the employees of the park, after which an attempt was made to locate his body, but only two days later he got a pair of human skulls and pajamas.

Explain that the park’s management worker sympathized with the family of the deceased person. He said that the decision to illegally enter Kruger National Park was not correct, this incident is evidence of how fatal it can be. In Kruger National Park, the incident of illegal hunting happens the day. Ganges horns are the highest demand in Asian countries.


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