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Specials Ops Season 1 Web Series All Episodes Download In Tamilrockers Online Streaming For Free

The spread of the coronavirus, which is present in the interior of the human zodiac, is a time when all nations of the world are looking in awe. This virus, which has crippled the country socially and economically, is spreading a devastating impact on the film industry, just like the rest of the world. All film screening and production has been stopped due to fear of coronavirus pouring through contact. Television and online streaming platforms rely on these days when people are told not to go home. In this case, people are increasingly choosing platforms like Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon that offer different movies and series.

Special Ops Season 1 Web Series All Episodes Download

Hotstar Special’s Special Option is such an Indian series. KK Menon plays the lead role in Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops. The series, which was released on March 17, has eight episodes that are over an hour long. It has been released in seven Indian languages ​​including Malayalam.

Pandey and Shivam Nair have directed special Bollywood thrillers like A Venusade, Baby and Special26. The series is written by Neeraj Pandey, Deepak Kingrani and Benazir Ali. Though the series tells the story in a steady rhythm, the thriller’s character is reinforced in the final episodes.

RAW officer Himmat Singh is facing an internal audit Inquiry, alleging that the government’s money was misguided. Himmat Singh has been appointed by agents in different countries to trace him to Iqlaq Khan, who has been accused of terrorist attacks in India in the 19 years since the 2001 Parliament Attack. The plot of the Special Ops revolves around Himmat Singh and his agents trying to find Ikhlaq Khan. During the Inquiry, the directors used two story-telling styles to describe his operations. Simultaneously, the story of Himmat Singh’s Family Life is also well referenced.

The patriotic roo officer Himmat Singai KK Menon has a very good performance. Himmat Singh has been portrayed as a good husband and father, not just an officer. Along with KK Menon, Karan Thakkar (Farooq Ali), Meher Vij (Rouhani Syed Khan), Vipul Gupta (Balakrishna Reddy), Musammil Ibrahim (Avinash) and Syamy Kher (Juhi Kashyap) are doing very well.

Netflix’s Bard of Blood is an old porridge brought to the audience by Amazon Prime’s The Family Man. The patriotic officer, the operational style, the agent and the family story that he has seen are nothing new to the viewer. Not only that, but the first four or five episodes in the 8-episode series are really, really, really patient.

The special option is made under the banner of Hotstarinopom Neeraj Pandey’s Friday Storyteller Production House. While there are many spy-thrillers and investigative series on other platforms, including Hotstar, it is certain that the special option will not bother the viewer. However, the Special Ops is a thriller series that you may have seen at one time. Special Ops is a one-time thriller series.

Because of the Corona virus, if you are still in your homes, then it is a very good thing. Staying at home during this time is good for everyone and in this free time you can do things you like. These days a new web series has come on Hotstar, which is called Special Ops. If you are thinking about watching something, then this series is a good option. This is a special in the Hindi web series that came in the past few times. It is directed by Neeraj Pandey and KK Menon is in the main character in it. We have seen this series and this is our review:

The series depicted the story of Special Intelligence, a man who works at the Indian intelligence agency, RAW. He wants to catch the culprit of the attack that took place in the Parliament in the year 2001 and in his affair, he works for 19 years. For this, he has spread his agents all over the world. KK Menon is in the lead character and is playing the same RAW agent.

The whole story of the series goes into finding that one person. How many difficulties an agent has to face, how agents have to provide input. This is all in this series. At the same time, you get to know about the major terrorist attack from 2001 to 2019. Whether it is Mumbai attack in 2008, Ajmal Kasab’s entry. One interesting thing is that in this Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech has also been shown, in which he announced demonetisation.

The most powerful thing in this series is its direction. Neeraj Pandey, who has made films like Baby, Holiday, A Wednesday, has caught the right way to make a series. They knew they had 8 hours and had to open layers one by one. Therefore, in many places you get to know some things only when the director wants to tell you. You want to preedicate but can’t.

The second most spectacular thing is KK Menon himself as a raw officer. The interrogation scenes, raw-witted robes, planning, dialogue, and periodical Delhi abuses KK Menon have given their lives to this character. Apart from him, like you expect from Vinay Pathak, he has fully lived up to his name and work.

Also, Karan Tacker’s work as an agent is fantastic. His looks in the series will make you crazy. Apart from these, Divya Dutta, Aditya Sawant, Mahar Vij, Sana Khan will also be seen in the series. This horrific time due to Corona virus is the best, stay at home. While staying at home, you watch a similar series.


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