Wakasugi Ryo of CG animator
Wakasugi Ryo of CG animator

Reproduce the movement of Spider-Man himself! “Spider Bath” Japanese secret story revealed by Japanese creators

Ryo Wakasugi (Wakasugi · Ryo) who participated as a CG animator in a new animation movie ” Spider-Man: Spider Bath ” (released nationwide on March 8), which another dimension Spider-Man will come together, responds to the interview, I talked about my overseas career.

Wakasugi belonging to Sony Pictures’ Image Works in Vancouver, Canada is responsible for the production of actions of characters that appear in this work as “CG Character Animator”. Wakasugi telling us that it was difficult to reproduce the speedy action unique to Spider-Man, said that he adopted a method “actually expressing the movement of Spider-Man in the body” and went to animation.

“When making persuasive movements, those who checked by moving by themselves, such as the position of the waist and how to bend the shoulder, have noticed and are easy to apply to the works. It is also an important task as an animator, but some people are trying too hard and sometimes get injured (laugh) ”

Co-star of Spider-Man who is active in various dimensions is also a highlight of this work. Among the distinctive spidermen, Wakasugi said that he had a hard time painting Spider-Ham (a spider like a pig) and Penny Parker (a girl fighting with the robot). “Miles Morales and Peter Parker are doing human movements to a certain extent, even if we confirmed the movements by themselves, we could refer to it without difficulty, but penny parka with particularly strong animation colors, Spider-ham, who behaves like an old cartoon, has few elements that can be referred to from his own movements, and research is required (from original comics and other animation works) ”

After graduating from high school, Wakasugi, who was an aspiring filmmaker in Hollywood, began his career as an animator at Pixar · Animation · Studio after entering American art college. “(Pixar’s) animator has its own philosophy and each student has its own philosophy and is always at the audience’s point of view,” How do you convey it to the audience? “, And Wakasugi who looked back at that time, experienced in Pixar Express as “turning point of life”. It seems that the environment that can work with top creators around the world has become a big stimulus.

Such Wakasugi is also active as a CG animator, and also acts as a lecturer of an online school for people who are willing to personal blogs and animators, and is also doing activities to output his own experience. In the future I would like to challenge the director of picture contest and animation movie, “I want to act without fear in the future, depending on future trend, now China (movie market) is growing very much So, trying a challenge is one of the options, “he said


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