The biggest news is coming from Sri Lanka at this time. Several other parts of the country, including the Colombo Colombo, were continuously banged on Sunday.

Serial Blasts in Sri Lanka: The Sri Lankan model-actress Jacqueline Fernandez expressed the sadness
Jacqueline Fernandez and the bombs in Sri Lanka (Photo Credits: File Photo)

The blasts took place when the whole world was celebrating Easter Sunday. According to the information, around 8 locations, including Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, have been serial blast. It is being told that there are 3 churches and 5 explosions inside the hotel. The explosion was carried out near the St. Anthony Church in Kochi Kalka in the capital Colombo and the second explosion took place in Katuvapitia, Katana.

These blasts have not only deepened the hearts of Sri Lankans but also the hearts of the people of the world. People are reacting on Twitter about this incident. Now Sri Lankan model and actress Jacqueline Fernandez has also expressed his grief over the blasts and condemned these blasts. He wrote on Twitter: “The news of the bomb blast in Sri Lanka is very tragic, it is unfortunate that people are not able to understand that there is a chain reaction of violence, it will have to stop now!”

According to the Sri Lankan media, it has not been cleared so far that the loss of personal injury has been done in the blast. The number of the injured is increasing. The churches that have been targeted have one in the northern part of the capital and the other is being told in Nagombo town outside Colombo. Relief work has started on the spot.


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