Star Wars
Main cast The hot embrace of three people! (Screenshot of J · J · Abrams Official Twitter)

Director J · J · Abrams reported on Twitter that photography of the movie ‘ Star Wars / Episode 9 (Tentative) ‘ ended on local time 15 days.

This work which will become the final version of the new trilogy that started from ” Star Wars / Awakening of the Force “. Abrams, along with the emotional pictures embraced by Daisy Ridley (role), John Boyega (role of Fin), Oscar Isaac (role of Po Dameron ), the main cast of the new trilogy , “I can not believe it Today, I finished shooting episode 9. I can not thank you for a really fascinating crew, cast, I appreciate everything to you all. ”

In addition to reporting the end of filming by Boiega on Twitter itself, “J · J · (Abrams), Thank you for fulfilling my dreams” I am thankful for the director. On the next day there was a party to congratulate the end of the filming, and Januas Suotamo serving Chewbacca posted a video shot with Boiega at the party venue to Instagram.

This work also continues casting the previous work by Adam · Driver , Rupita · Nyongo , Kelly · Marie · Tran . In addition, cast members of the former trilogy such as Mark Hamill , Anthony Daniels , Billy Dee Williams also appeared. Carrie Fisher, who is the role of Leia Organa who died in 2016, said that she will appear in a form using unused images taken with “Awakening of Force”. December 20 nationwide release schedule.


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