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The Episode begins with Zainab supposing she is Kainat, the person who tumbled down the porch is Saltanat. Zainab gets stunned and shudders. Kainat turns and says for what reason is this table shaking to such an extent. She goes to see. She hears Zaroon and says he had come. She runs out. Zainab keeps running from that point. Kainat embraces Zaroon and takes him inside the room. Zainab leaves. Zaroon asks what’s this. Kainat says don’t blow up, I realize you are concerned, I thought to carry out a spouse’s responsibility and make you grin, any way, how is Kainat. He says there is no improvement. She embraces him.

Mamoon gets a message from Sabina. She requests that he send cash. Ghazala says incredible, she is approaching you for cash. Mamoon says you are watching out for me. She contends. He yells that her new bahu is unfortunate, not Sabina. Kainat says perhaps its Lord’s desire, we ought to acknowledge this and proceed onward. Zaroon asks what do you mean, will I let her kick the bucket. She says I didn’t imply that. He says I can’t proceed onward, attempt to comprehend, I used to despise her, yet she can’t bite the dust this way, I can’t excuse myself, I m identified with her. She blows up.

She asks will you overlook our connection in view of her, you didn’t see me since I have returned, you be with her as though she is your significant other, it was better that she kicked the bucket. He takes a gander at her. Mamoon says nothing is going fine since Zaroon and Saltanat got hitched, Miyajaan kicked the bucket, Kainat is in peril, she is unfortunate, I have kept every one of the obligations in my relations.

Ghazala says you aren’t a decent father, you came here to get your child wedded to Kainat to get the honored position. He says I needed the heirship for him. She says he simply needed love, for what reason are you chastening your bahu now. He says what’s the utilization, Zaroon is soon after Kainat now, he isn’t seeing Saltanat. She says leave it. He says think regarding it, I m not off-base, I state reality. She asks extremely, at that point inform me regarding Sabina and you. He says you won’t get it.

Zaroon says I comprehended your significance. He requests that her accompany him. Mamoon implores at the Dargah. Nadim and Rubina additionally ask. Nadim says I m stressed for my girl. Mamoon inquires as to why. Nadim inquires as to why, Zaroon and Saltanat are simply hitched, simply converse with Zaroon. Mamoon asks what will I converse with him. Nadim says since Kainat’s mishap, Zaroon isn’t leaving her and maintaining a strategic distance from his better half. Mamoon says this needed to occur, you will feel terrible on the off chance that I state something. Rubina and Ghazala are away, asking. Nadim asks Mamoon to state it. Mamoon says Zaroon and Kainat’s fellowship was chosen, Saltanat caught him in affection, he wedded Saltanat, presently he is feeling that Kainat was better for him. Nadim asks how could you. Mamoon says I realize my child well, Kainat was ideal for him. Ghazala says Zaroon cherishes Saltanat. She asks Nadim not to question on Zaroon, he adores Saltanat a ton. Mamoon says he is occupied with Kainat. He insults Nadim and Rubina for having Sabina between their hitched life. Rubina requests that he control his tongue. Mamoon says don’t set out to yell on me. Nadim says I won’t extra you. Mamoon goes.

Zaroon gets Kainat and shows Saltanat. Zainab looks on. Rubina comes and asks when did Kainat return home. Everybody comes and sees Saltanat. Zaroon says disclose to me who is she. Kainat says Kainat… . Zaroon says no, she is my injured individual, specialist requested that I take her home so she kicks the bucket here between her family, Kainat is confronting this day as a result of me, not on the grounds that she attempted to end her life, I disregarded her conditions, on your and Zainab’s idiom, I completed a slip-up, I revealed to you she is rationally sick, take her to specialist, in the event that you made one stride that day, this would have not occurred, she gave her life for me, in what manner will I not deal with her, I feel regretful.

Kainat embraces him and consoles. Zainab sees her grinning. Rubina asks doctored truly leave trust. Zaroon says I will spare Kainat, I will battle with her demise. Mamoon asks what befell you all of a sudden, you were discussing slaughtering her. Zaroon says I understood my mix-up, Kainat is our family, nobody has appropriate to give life. Ghazala says I m with you. Rubina says we will petition God for Kainat’s prosperity. Zaroon says just petitions won’t help. He goes. Kainat thinks Saltanat will never recoup.

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