Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Saltanat showing her room to Krish. He says we will come to stay here. Saltanat introduces Nilam to him. Krish likes Zaroon’s pics. Nilam says sorry, because of Kainat…. Saltanat says its time to forget it and move on. Nilam asks did you talk to Zaroon. Saltanat says no, why. Nilam says whatever Zaroon did with you, its tough to forgive him. Saltanat asks why. Nilam says he didn’t find difference between you and Kainat. Saltanat says if mum and dad didn’t identify her, how will Zaroon find out, he would have broken down after Ghazala’s death, I m not angry on him, why did you ask, tell me.

Nilam says Zaroon is feeling that you won’t forgive him and leave him. Sneha says how did her pic come here, Madhav hates her more than Kainat, she is partof his dark past. She burns the pic. Sneha says Madhav will never see her pic. Jugal looks on. Saltanat thinks to talk to Zaroon. Nilam says he isn’t here. Saltanat says he will be around. Nilam calls Zaroon. His number is switched off. They look for Zaroon.

Saltanat asks Nilam to check at Dargah. Nilam goes. Madhav comes to her and asks where is Zaroon. She says his phone isn’t connecting, I m finding him. He asks did you check cupboard. She asks what, he won’t be in cupboard. He says I meant, did you check if he took his stuff and left. She says no, he can’t do this. He says I know how men react. She says he should have a reason. He says he has a reason, he did wrong with you, he would be guilty. She says no, he always faced troubles. She checks the cupboard and shows Zaroon’s clothes. Madhav asks what about imp papers and ID proofs. She checks and says there isn’t his ID. He says I was right, he went somewhere.

Sneha asks Indu not to worry of bad omens. Jugal says she is right. Sneha asks him to have pasta and say how is it. He says sure. Indu gets shocked seeing so many ants in the pasta and also on the roof. She says I don’t know why we are getting many bad signs. Saltanat greets Dadi. Dadi scolds her and shouts to Rubina. She asks Rubina to ask Saltanat. She says she stayed with Madhav and still she is with her lover in her husband’s room. They get shocked.

Saltanat says enough now Dadi, Madhav is my friend, he saved my life, how can you say such cheap words for a nice man, every man’s intention are not bad, every man and woman’s relation isn’t impure, we have a pure relation of friendship, don’t stain it. She goes with Madhav. She asks Madhav not to feel bad of Dadi’s words. Madhav says its okay, we should leave now. He asks Krish to come. Krish says no, I won’t go leaving Saltanat. Madhav says we have to go. Saltanat asks him to wait until Zaroon comes. Madhav says fine. Nilam asks where did Zaroon go.

Saltanat says he won’t do this. Dadi says many things changed in one month, you deserve this if Zaroon left, you can make me quiet, how will you make the society quiet. The people come protesting. They get against Saltanat for living with a stranger. Nadim and Rubina try to calm them. Madhav says it was just a misunderstanding. Rubina says she was ill, she lost her memory, how could she come back home. The lady says fine, but we will blacken this guy’s face. They catch Madhav. Dadi thinks Saltanat scolded me, now she will bear it. She recalls angrily making this plan to insult Saltanat and Madhav.

Saltanat stops the man and scolds them. She says Madhav didn’t do anything wrong, do you have courage to risk life for any stranger, you have no right to point at him, our friendship isn’t impure, but your bad thinking, if you are hurt, we will decide in front of the law. They hear police siren. The people say no need of law and leave. Police comes. Saltanat asks did you call the police. Madhav says no, its good they have come, inspector I wanted to come and confess my crime, I killed Kainat, arrest me. Saltanat says you are lying. Inspector says we caught Kainat’s murderer, Zaroon Shah Ghazi. They get shocked.

Precap: Inspector says Zaroon is in jail, check this letter. Saltanat says its Kainat’s letter, its written that if anything happens to her, Zaroon will be responsible for it.


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