Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Zainab slapping Kainat. She pulls her hair wig and wipes her make up. She covers her with the dupatta and says you are Kainat, Miyajaan learnt your fact so he became signing towards you. Kainat says no, he changed into signing as I had hit him. Zainab shouts you have got killed him. Kainat says no, it happened in anger, I didn’t intend to kill him, he wasn’t agreeing when I requested him to be quiet. Zainab says stop your nonsense. Kainat says don’t get irritated with me, Saltanat is getting first-class. Zainab receives a pillow. Kainat asks what are you doing. Zainab says the woman who can kill her Dada and try to kill her sister, she is a murderer, that is the handiest way to make you fine. She suffocates her and says i will make you attain hell. She shouts in anger and cries. She is going to clean her fingers. She cries.

Sabina asks how is Kainat. Nadim says she is higher. She lifts veil and shows her face. Nadim is going. Jaan asks Sabina, how did this occur. Sabina does a drama and cries. She says your private home girls made me out, how will I live, I haven’t any man to support me. He nods. He holds her hand to forestall her. He says come with me, no one will stop you this time. She says no Jaan, i can’t come to Shah Manzil with you, who am I to you. Nadim sees Sabina from a long way. Sabina says i will’t come with none right, thank you.

Zainab says I wish you weren’t born to me. She sits crying. She says I desire I didn’t hide your mistakes, I need to have now not supported you, this would have not happened today, nobody will stain our family because of you currently. Kainat laughs. Zainab asks in which are you. She seems around. Kainat says you just entered the rime international, I m a great participant. Zainab says then come out and face me in case you are courageous. Kainat says I m playing some disguise and are seeking. She says we had hidden two secrets and techniques here. Zainab receives taken aback. Kainat says you could’t forget one of these big mystery. Zainab goes to her. Kainat says you recall who’re they, we lied that dad fell down the stairs and died, we couldn’t inform everybody about this lady, I couldn’t endure all people snatching your love, after I m doing this to get my love, then did I become satan, how.

Zainab says Saltanat is your sister, Zaroon is her husband, that is madness. Rubina says I also omit Miyajaan loads. Ghazala says you are proper, the house seems lonely now. Kainat hits on Zainab’s head. Rubina asks did you pay attention this voice. Ghazala says sure, maybe that aspect. They input the storeroom. Ghazala says I sense its dangerous. Rubina says nobody comes here, Zainab receives this location cleaned on occasion. Ghazala says we will go and contact Nadim and Mamoon. Kainat wears her specifications and says i’m able to now not tolerate your scolding now, I haven’t any time to waste now. She suffocates Zainab. Saltanat gets sick. Kainat scolds Zainab. She says i’m able to get my love myself. Nadim and Zaroon fear and ask what is occurring to you Kainat. Saltanat doesn’t solution. Kainat says what to do, you are my mum. She applies tape to Zainab and says you want to end up Akbar, you want Moghaleazam, as you wish, this time Akbar could be trapped in the back of walls. She builds a wall through caging Zainab. Rubina takes a stick and hits Ghazala with the aid of mistake. Ghazala screams. Kainat hears them and says who is coming. Saltanat cries. Kainat attempts to cover Zainab.

Precap: The guy asks is that this Shah Manzil. Nadim says sure. the guy says I m Dr. Sharma, i have come to check Kainat. Nadim receives greatly surprised seeing…


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