Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nilam comes to him. He asks what’s this sound. She says that pipe is spilling. Nadim says I will call a handyman. Nadim calls. A man looks on. Specialist checks Saltanat. Zaroon requests that him and everybody go out. He says I will get Kainat to awareness, if you don’t mind much obliged. Kainat looks on and goes. Zaroon closes the entryway and says you are difficult like Saltanat, I m additionally obstinate, we didn’t had love between us, we have fellowship, regardless of whether you don’t wish to, you need to shoulder with me. He gets some glass and says I will reveal to you a story today of resting magnificence. He says there was an ideal princess, bashful, she had a mystery, her resentment was high, at that point a person came into her life, she experienced passionate feelings for that person, he wasn’t much unique, however she needed his heart, she did terrible things to get that person, when she understood her errors, she gave her life to apologize for it, princess’ awful state broke the person inside. He pounds a rose and cries.

He says that person had reviled the princess to pass on, at that point he wasn’t understanding his emotions, it was near his heart, don’t have the foggiest idea why I m feeling the agony seeing you like I would have sympathized with seeing Saltanat’s torment, get up, if it’s not too much trouble He cries. His tear falls over her face. He escapes. She moves her hand. Glass falls. He stops. He sees her and requests that specialist come, Kainat got cognizant. Everybody comes in and grins. Kainat gets stunned. Specialist checks Saltanat. Saltanat opens her eyes. Zaroon gets cheerful. He says I can barely handle it, did you see, so grieved, I m carrying on like an outsider with you, I m terrified, I feel in the event that anything happens to Kainat, I will lose Saltanat moreover. He embraces Kainat.

Rubina says when its regarding kids, moms become their shield, I was doing likewise, I overlooked that I have harmed your heart, I was simply doing this for my girl. Ghazala says we ladies have numerous obligations, your youngsters and family are your duties now, they need you a great deal. Rubina embraces her.

The handyman asks is there anybody sick at home, I heard in area. Nilam says truly, she is out of trance like state now. She says Kainat ought to have better kicked the bucket, you center around your work. She goes. He fixes the pipe. He at that point hits on the house dividers with a mallet. A man looks on. Mamoon comes and asks who are you. The handyman stops. Mamoon asks what are you doing here. The handyman says I m a handyman. Mamoon says the pipe is there. The handyman says I have fixed the pipe and checking the spillage. Mamoon says there is not all that much, take cash and leave.

The man says take cash, so you couldn’t check the house. The handyman says there are numerous individuals inside, its inconceivable. The man says nothing is unthinkable, I will go into the house. Kainat does awful make up to Saltanat and says despite everything you look more delightful than me, that is the reason Zaroon is near you, in any case, its fine, I m thinking to demolish your face. She wears gloves. Zainab comes and swoons Kainat by utilizing chloroform. Kainat awakens and gets herself tied. She sees Zainab and asks what’s going on with you, leave me. Zainab chides her and slaps. She says I m your mum, I know the distinction between both of you, you aren’t Saltanat, however Kainat.

Precap: Kainat says excuse me. Zainab says the young lady who murdered her Dada ji and attempted to execute her sister, she isn’t my girl. She attempts to suffocate Kainat.


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