Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 13th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Saltanat coming to Zaroon. She sees him. She scolds the boxer. He asks her to break out and pushes her. Zaroon gets irritated and receives up. He asks how dare you touch Saltanat. He beats the boxer purple and blue. Saltanat cries seeing Zaroon. Zaroon is asserted because the winner. the person says you have got gained 50000rs, your love is robust. Zaroon goes to the boxer and gives him 10000rs for his treatment. He offers the money to Saltanat. She says this money matters plenty to me, i can in no way spend this, and hold it secure. They hug. Rubina, Zainab and Ghazala bake a cake. Nilam likes it. Sabina and Mamoon come there. She apologizes to Mamoon and offers his phone. Ghazala gets indignant seeing them.

She asks why is your cellphone together with her. Mamoon asks what does it be counted. He goes. Rubina asks Sabina what’s taking place. Sabina says I went to have coffee with Mamoon. Rubina says Nadim didn’t come in your plan so you were given after Mamoon. Sabina says I don’t get after every body. Ghazala says he can by no means come once you. Rubina jokes and says i’m able to make your profile on dating app. Nilam says Sabina seems so suitable in this. They chuckle on Sabina’s percent. Sabina goes. Rubina says Ghazala, you have to careful of Sabina. She apologizes to Zainab.

Saltanat does useful resource to Zaroon and asks did you have a laugh whilst to procure crushed up by means of the boxer. Nilam comes and hugs Saltanat. She gifts Saltanat. She asks what befell to Zaroon. Saltanat says Zaroon had long gone to fight membership and received. Nilam asks became the combat filmi one. Zaroon says no. Nilam tells Saltanat that Ghazala, Zainab and Rubina are creating a cake for her. She says don;t fear now, Mamoon’s anger will get over, Miyajaan is higher now. Saltanat asks when are they coming. Nilam says they are hiding and coming soon. Rubina makes a cat sound. Dadi hears this and goes out. She sees Rubina, Zainab and Ghazala. Rubina says we’re going to the marketplace. Sabina says liar, marketplace is closed now. Kainat asks Zainab to want Saltanat from her facet and provide the gift. Miyajaan and all and sundry come. Dadi says you had a coronary heart assault, even then they don’t take care of you, they simply want to move there, they want to have a good time Saltanat’s birthday.

Ghazala says no, we’re going for a stroll. Sabina shows the cake for Saltanat. Mamoon asks what’s this, Ghazala you can’t go, Nadim may not manipulate his spouse, i have manage on my wife. Nadim asks Rubina to come with him. he’s taking the cake and is going. He cries and says I don’t want Saltanat’s call to get spoiled. Nilam says Sabina has stopped your mum from coming. Saltanat says I don’t recognise her problem. Nilam says she isn’t mad that she can shut you in the trunk and throw in the river to kill you. Saltanat remembers her risky scenario. She says I need to pass domestic, I need to unveil all the secrets hidden there, its my birthday, I must meet them. Zaroon asks wherein are you going. Nilam says I m leaving, take rest. She goes. Sabina and Kainat have a speak about Saltanat. Kainat asks what occurred there. Sabina stops pronouncing and says nothing happened. Kainat says i will feed you goodies. She feeds it in anger. She asks Sabina to usually close her mouth and no longer make any mistake in front of Saltanat. She says anyways, kheer is quality. She smiles.

Nilam receives Saltanat within the residence at night time. Saltanat is going to Sabina’s room and tests her purse. She sees Sabina sound asleep. She gets weird things, like binoculars. She thinks that’s why she has a whole lot info about the arena. She gets a letter and turns greatly surprised. She leaves. someone stops her. She turns and sees….

Precap: Saltanat slaps Kainat and says its time to show you currently. Kainat shouts no Saltanat.


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