Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Nadim asking Dr. Sharma to come. They pay attention the sound and get stunned seeing the hearth. They rush to Kainat’s room. Dr. Sharma asks them to get water or soil to blow off the hearth. Nadim and Rubina go. Zaroon receives a jerk. driving force says sorry. Zaroon receives stressed. Dr. Sharma sees Saltanat and sats I received’t allow whatever show up to you. He makes way and covers himself through a blanket. Zaroon prays at the manner to home. Dr. Sharma reaches Saltanat to boost her. Sabina says so that you have come. She hugs Mamoon. Ghazala seems on. He says break out. Sabina says you have become shy nowadays. He asks her to take cash and leave. He says I m supplying you with cash for the last time, in case you dare once more, I won’t go away you. She says i’ve evidence of your fact. He says I also know to inform fact/

Dr. Sharma rolls himself and Saltanat out within the blanket. they arrive out. He lifts her and takes her. The men come to extinguish the fire. Dr. Sharma asks where shall I take her. he is taking her to any other room. The black thread receives stuck to his watch. He eliminates it. Mamoon says she got stored from such risky fire. Kainat looks on. She comes to Zainab. She eliminates one brick. She says that doctor saved Saltanat, how did she get such accurate fate, i can kill her soon. She places the brick once more and goes. Zainab struggles. fb shows Naved explaining Sakshi.

She says i’m able to’t break someone’s house, you cheated me, you’re married. He says you love me Sakshi, i love you, i can depart my spouse and kids. She says its too late. She turns to move. Kainat hits on her head and kills her. Naved asks what did you do. She says sure, you said you don’t love us. He catches her neck and says you killed my Sakshi, I won’t leave you. Zainab comes and asks what passed off. She asks him to go away Kainat. She hits on his head. He falls down. She asks Kainat why did you kill her. Kainat asks how dare you kill my dad. Zainab says get silent, i’m able to make the entirety fine. She hugs Kainat. She buries Sakshi in the back of the wall. Kainat says you did incorrect to kill my dad. facebook ends.

Mamoon asks wherein are you going. Ghazala says I m leaving, you don’t take care of me. He asks wherein. She says I m tolerating this, Sabina is constantly with you. He says I need to take away her too, she always blackmails me, I simply love you, you whole my existence, how can i see someone else. She cries and hugs him. He asks her not to cry extra.

Rubina says thank you for saving Kainat. Dr. Sharma says I m her health practitioner, its my responsibility to store her, i was instructed that she were given aware, can i am getting the reviews. Ghazala says Zaroon went to get reports. She goes to call Zaroon. Zaroon solutions the call. He says sure, I got the reviews, I m at the way. Ghazala says Kainat’s room caught fire. He asks how, is Kainat exceptional. She says Dr. Sharma stored her lifestyles, come soon. He says I m coming. She says Zaroon is simply coming. Dr. Sharma says I m getting late, I should perform a surgical treatment, i will come day after today and take a look at reviews, I need to perform a few tests to test if her brain is energetic or lifeless, don’t fear, take care, be superb. He leaves. Zaroon comes domestic. goons come on a motorbike and scare the driver. Goon hits the motive force. Zaroon receives down the auto and fights the goon. every other goon uses chloroform and faints Zaroon. Dr. Sharma leaves from the residence. He gets shocked seeing this. He shouts, what are you doing, prevent. He shouts to Nadim. He runs after the goons. Goon drives away the car, setting Zaroon in. Dr. Sharma runs to his car.

Precap: Dr. Sharma follows the goons. Goons get Zaroon someplace.


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