Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dr. Sharma moves himself and Saltanat out inside the cover. They turn out. He lifts her and takes her. The men come to smother the flame. Dr. Sharma asks where will I take her. He takes her to another room. The dark string stalls out to his watch. He expels it. Mamoon says she got spared from such perilous flame. Kainat looks on. She comes to Zainab. She evacuates one block. She says that Doctor spared Saltanat, how could she get such great destiny, I will slaughter her soon. She puts the block again and goes. Zainab battles. FB demonstrates Naved clarifying Sakshi.

She says I can’t break somebody’s home, you conned me, you are hitched. He says you adore me Sakshi, I cherish you, I can leave my better half and youngsters. She says its past the point of no return. She goes to go. Kainat hits on her head and murders her. Naved asks what did you do. She says truly, you said you don’t love us. He gets her neck and says you slaughtered my Sakshi, I won’t leave you. Zainab comes and asks what occurred. She requests that he leave Kainat. She hits on his head. He tumbles down. She asks Kainat for what valid reason did you slaughter her. Kainat asks how could you murder my father. Zainab says get quiet, I will make everything fine. She embraces Kainat. She covers Sakshi behind the divider. Kainat says you fouled up to murder my father. FB closes.

Mamoon asks where are you going. Ghazala says I m leaving, you couldn’t care less for me. He asks where. She says I m enduring this, Sabina is consistently with you. He says I need to dispose of her as well, she generally coerces me, I simply cherish you, you complete my life, how might I see another person. She cries and embraces him. He asks her not to cry more.

Rubina expresses profound gratitude for sparing Kainat. Dr. Sharma says I m her primary care physician, its my obligation to spare her, I was informed that she got cognizant, would i be able to get the reports. Ghazala says Zaroon went to get reports. She goes to call Zaroon. Zaroon answers the call. He says indeed, I got the reports, I m in transit. Ghazala says Kainat’s room burst into flames. He asks how, is Kainat fine. She says Dr. Sharma spared her life, come soon. He says I m coming. She says Zaroon is simply coming. Dr. Sharma says I m getting late, I need to play out a medical procedure, I will come tomorrow and check reports, I need to play out certain tests to check if her cerebrum is dynamic or dead, don’t stress, fare thee well, be sure. He leaves. Zaroon returns home. Two goons please a bicycle and alarm the driver. Goon hits the driver. Zaroon gets down the vehicle and battles the goon. Another goon uses chloroform and blacks out Zaroon. Dr. Sharma goes out. He gets stunned seeing this. He yells, what’s happening with you, stop. He yells to Nadim. He pursues the goons. Goon drives away the vehicle, placing Zaroon in. Dr. Sharma races to his vehicle.

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