Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kainat comes to Zaroon and sees him dozing. She says Zaroon, you realize the amount I cherish you. He says short of what I adore you. She holds his face and lies beside him. She says I adore you Zaroon. She does shayari and draws near to kiss him. She hears strides and rapidly escapes. She wears her specs and covers up. Saltanat comes there. She glances around. Zaroon pulls Saltanat and says I was dozing, you woke me up, where did you go. He embraces her. She asks what’s going on with you. He says love, as I guaranteed you. Kainat blows up and reaches the stopping point.

Saltanat goes to see. She asks did you hear any solid. He says no. Kainat leaves. Saltanat awakens by the sound and goes to see. Zaroon gets out Saltanat. She asks was somebody here. He requests that her come and rest. She checks the letter she got. Saltanat gets Zaroon’s call and says I have some work, clients are coming, I will talk later. She goes to the furniture shop and gets some information about the enormous trunk deal. She gives the receipt. The man says its of a week ago, a wide range of furniture is sold here. She slips and falls inside a trunk. It gets shut.

Zaroon checks the formula and cooks Saltanat’s fav formula. He gets a call. Gurinder calls Zaroon and says I know Saltanat was going to arrive behind schedule, where is she. Zaroon says she left toward the beginning of the day. He stresses for Saltanat. Saltanat hacks and leaves the storage compartment. She reviews that she was bolted inside. She sees a few checks on it. The man says I got the bill. He says it was some rich lady, she got it and after that returned it to me for nothing, she requested that I auction it. Saltanat gets thinking. Sabina calls Kainat and says she became acquainted with everything. Kainat gets stunned. She asks who became more acquainted with and what. Sabina requests that her come soon to meet her. Kainat goes to meet Sabina and sees her soaking in the water tank. She gets stunned. Sabina yells help.

She asks Kainat to spare her. Kainat rushes to her and asks who did this with her. Sabina says somebody has done this with me, receive me in return, else Saltanat will murder me. Kainat says no, first let me know, what does she know, did you take my name. Sabina says no, I didn’t reveal to her anything, she will execute me. Kainat chuckles and says then amazing, are pointless, your arrangement didn’t work, its better that you bite the dust, I will draw nearer to Zaroon, nothing else matters to me, I committed a major error, I ought to have closed Saltanat in this rather the storage compartment, she would have kicked the bucket, I will see her later. Sabina yells for assistance. Saltanat tosses a sledge over the water box. Sabina gets liberated and gets up. They see Saltanat’s shadow. Sabina flees. Kainat turns when Saltanat holds her.

Precap: Kainat inquires as to for what reason would I do this with you. Saltanat slaps her and says I will uncover your falsehoods, I will get your fact out.


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