Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mamoon asks Nadim to call police. Rubina says we have cctv cameras fixed. Kainat says indeed, we will watch that. They see Zaroon getting back home, and a few goons abducting him. They cry. Nadim says we will give this recording to police. He asks Ghazala to get Zaroon’s pic. Mamoon says I disclosed to you commonly, we will return, you didn’t hear me out, what will I tell now, where to discover you, who are these individuals.

Sabina calls Mamoon. She says he hindered my number, how could he. She lifts her cover and blows up. She approaches the landline. Mamoon answers. Kainat additionally singles out the other line. Mamoon inquires as to for what reason are you after me. Sabina says I heard you are in agony, who captured Zaroon. He says we don’t have the foggiest idea yet, how would you know this, I didn’t let you know. She says yes. He asks did you grab Zaroon. She requests that he get 25 lakhs and take his child, else overlook him, don’t do the misstep to call police. He blows up. She separates. Kainat says Sabina has contacted my Zaroon, she has completed a major misstep. Mamoon gets the cash. Nadim asks will we go, I will tag along. Mamoon says I will get only him. Ghazala inquires as to for what reason are you saying this current, what’s inside the sack.

Rubina asks did you get ruffian’s telephone. Mamoon says Zaroon is my child, I needn’t bother with anybody, I guarantee you Ghazala, I will get Zaroon, let me go please. Dr. Sharma goes to the goons and pummels them. Zaroon gets cognizant. He sees Sabina. He makes his seat fall and picks a blade. He cuts the rope. He gets up and beats the goons. Dr. Sharma says I m Dr. Sharma. Zaroon says I didn’t realize specialists do such great boxing. Goons hit their appearances. They beat the goons. Dr. Sharma says come, I will drop you home, I had gone there for Kainat’s checkup. Sabina supposes I got spared from Zaroon. Zaroon stops her. She says no compelling reason to call police.

He says you did this, you lighted flame in Kainat’s room. She says what gibberish, she is my niece. He asks what do you need. She says proceed to ask your father, your mum supposes I m after your father, your father is extremely attractive, better proceed to ask him. Zaroon asks her to simply leave. He blows up. Kainat says I won’t leave Sabina today. Nilam asks Saltanat not to go anyplace. Saltanat pushes Nilam and says you don’t have the foggiest idea about my adoration. She hears them saying Zaroon and goes out. She embraces Zaroon. Ghazala says Zaroon, goons hijacked you, how could you come. Zaroon says Dr. Sharma spared me. Dr. Sharma says I had seen this and … .. He tells everything. Rubina says you have come as a blessed messenger for Kainat and Zaroon as well. Zaroon gazes at Mamoon. Dr. Sharma asks Zaroon doctored enlighten anything concerning the report. Zaroon says no. Dr. Sharma says possibly Kainat is cerebrum dead.

Precap: Dr. Sharma says the reports have affirmed this that Kainat is cerebrum dead. Zaroon gets tragic.


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