Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with sabina packing her luggage. kainat asks wherein are you going. sabina says i m jogging away, you have gone mad. kainat makes her fall down and scolds her for supporting saltanat. she says you acquire stored now, you’ll assist me. sabina says i’m able to tell your reality. kainat slaps her and asks her not to suppose this. she says i can kill you sabina. sabina gets taken aback. kainat says i simply need zaroon. she threatens sabina and takes her phone. she shows the video of her crime. sabina worries. saltanat asks zaroon to forget it now.

zaroon says i’m able to’t neglect it, i walked around that trunk 2-three instances and felt some hassle. she says its satisfactory, if i am going missing, you’ll locate me. he asks her now not to mention this, i can’t live without you. she hugs him and asks him to make her listen the heartbeat. he says kainat wishes clinical help, she has a mental contamination. she asks him not to worry. she says we shall sleep now. he stops her and hugs. he asks am i able to hug you and sleep. she sees the time and says we must marry tomorrow, we shouldn’t live near. he says i receive you, this marriage and this ritual. they lie down and sleep, even as preserving arms.

its morning, saltanat talks to rubina and zainab. rubina says we will make some meals and are available for ritual. zainab says i have got a terrific suit for saltanat. rubina says we will depart now. saltanat makes the list of factors. she asks zaroon to get all of the factor from market. zaroon is going. zainab unlocks kainat’s room. she is going and gives the tea and snacks to kainat. she says i promised saltanat that i’m able to maintain an eye fixed on you, i need to carry you on proper course. kainat says i’m able to apprehend, its no longer clean for each person to trust me, i can live right here. zainab is going. kainat smiles.

zaroon involves a person and says akshay could have called you, stove isn’t working. the man says i’m able to come and connect it. the man calls kainat and says i can do as you are saying. kainat says exact, make a video call to me, i want to look the whole thing. kainat does shayari and remembers damaging the range. zaroon and saltanat store together. she says i won’t see your face until we get married. he asks her to maintain the bag down. kainat laughs and says some blast should be there earlier than the marriage. the person says madam i m doing as you informed. he adds a few powder into the range. she smiles. she asks him to inform her the whole lot. rubina and zainab check saltanat’s bridal get dressed. rubina says why is that this so mild. she sees the box empty. they get shocked. rubina says i stored the dress and candies right here. sabina involves taunt them. zainab asks sabina if she did this. sabina says i didn’t do this, i heard about your rasam. she asks rubina to discover the bridal dress, there may be less time. zaroon says we didn’t determine any vicinity for honeymoon. he asks her to see him, he turns into her puppet after marriage. she laughs and says i desire to look you during my remaining breath. he asks her to take returned her phrases. she says nice, i take again my prayers. he receives a call and says my cv is chosen, i can go for the interview. she says nice, i can make preparations earlier than rubina and zainab come. he holds her hand and says want me the good fortune. she says all of the first-rate. he goes. saltanat comes domestic. the man sees her and calls kainat. rubina says i will burn your hair sabina, where is the dress. zainab asks sabina to tell the reality. sabina says its in miyajaan’s room.

zainab and rubina visit get the dress. sabina says this present day can be rocking. kainat asks the person if he left any clue. the person says no. zainab comes to test on kainat. kainat hides the cellphone. she says i don’t need anything. zainab goes. zainab and rubina come to miyajaan’s room and look for the get dressed. they get the get dressed. miyajaan comes there. they get taken aback. saltanat checks the recipe and continues all the things ready. she looks for healthy stick. kainat looks on. saltanat gets some thing on her hand and scents it.

Precap: kainat says saltanat will die on the day of her marriage. saltanat lighting fixtures the matchstick. a blast takes place.


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