Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Zaroon and Saltanat getting seated. He doesn’t see Kainat. They get down the train. Saltanat slips on the stairs. He holds her. He says while we meet next time, I received’t depart you and pass. She receives perplexed. He smiles and goes. Saltanat asks what if i love Kainat’s groom, Kainat is mistaken that I grasp her things. Neelam asks what about the brand new man. Saltanat says you preserve him. They giggle. Dada ji comes and scolds Saltanat. Saltanat says sorry, I implemented mehendi to hair and couldn’t put dupatta. She solutions Dada ji via her understanding and then apologizes.

Zainab is busy inside the preparations. Dada ji asks Nadeem to name Hamza and ask while are they reading. Rubina says they’re reaching. Dada ji sees Kainat hiding. She smiles and runs. She collides with Saltanat.

Saltanat says she began being shy. Neelam says even you had been shy, you each discovered men. Saltanat says he’s just my pal. She is going to tease Kainat. Kainat refuses for makeup. She says splendor is in simplicity. Saltanat says your groom is coming from Canada, get some make up applied. Kainat is going. Saltanat laughs.

Zaroon and his circle of relatives arrives. Mamoon sees the huge haveli. His spouse smiles. Mamoon hugs Nadeem and is going in. Zaroon gets down the automobile. Mamoon meets Dada ji and greets with love and appreciate. They hug. everyone smiles. Mamoon says she is my wife. Zainab and Rubina hug him. Dada ji asks wherein is Zaroon. Mamoon calls out Zaroon. Zaroon is available in. Saltanat receives shocked. Kainat smiles and remembers meeting him on the Dargah. Neelam says i can see him. Saltanat says you gained’t tell every person, assume we met him nowadays. Dada ji luckily praises Zaroon. Zainat sees Kainat hiding and seeing them. Dada ji remembers meeting Zaroon within the Dargah. He says you met me in Ajmer Dargah, I had despatched human beings to choose you from airport. Mamoon says Zaroon desires to see India himself. Zaroon says beautiful than I notion, people right here are clever. Dada ji asks them to come back and feature breakfast. Zaroon smiles seeing Saltanat and greets her. She concerns.

Kainat runs to room and thankfully dances. Zainab comes and says you liked him. Kainat nods. Zainab says the daughters who’re obedient get a nice groom. Kainat says I met him before. Zainab worries and asks in which. Kainat says I collided with him in Ajmer Dargah. Zainab says if groom and bride meet before marriage, world calls them shameless. Kainat says Saltanat also met Zaroon, she has end up his buddy. Zainab stops her. She says she is your very own, even supposing she is your cousin, don’t assume so, your and Zaroon’s marriage is constant, be cautious, have meals in room, don’t pass in the front of them, Zaroon has come here for you, you may get him, don’t rush. Kainat says sure. Zainab goes. Kainat smiles and i will conceal and notice Zaroon.

Saltanat worries and thinks of Zaroon. She says he has come for Kainat. Neelam says yes, but what if your coronary heart asks you. Saltanat says I just seemed him a friend. Dada ji says your grandpa turned into like you. Zaroon laughs. Mamoon says his habits are unique, my dad became very subject, my son runs time as per his wish. Zaroon says one has to alternate with time. Dada ji introduces Zaroon to Saltanat.

Precap Upcoming Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Episode Update: Zaroon asks who is Kainat. Saltanat says your might be spouse. He gets stunned. She says you’ve got come to India for Kainat.


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