Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kainat comes there and grins seeing Saltanat. She says I will go with specialist, Zaroon take rest. Ghazala says indeed, Saltanat is stating right, she will oversee everything. Dr. Sharma and Kainat are headed. He holds Saltanat’s hand and places her hand appropriately. Kainat approaches what are the odds for her to get spared. He says very little, grieved. She turns and grins. He says sorry, I thought she is Mr. Zaroon’s better half. She says its fine. He says you and Zaroon would have met, became hopelessly enamored and got hitched. She says indeed, Kainat met him later, Kainat and Zaroon were to get hitched. Mr. Sharma asks what, at that point there would be numerous issues, possibly you both don’t care for one another. She says no, truth be told, Zaroon and I are as one due to Kainat, we have no issue, the family acknowledged this, I adore Kainat a great deal. He says obviously, I posed this individual inquiry, its better to think about patient and outlook. She says Zaroon’s father picked Kainat for Zaroon, when Zaroon came to India, I went to get him, we met there just because.

Nadim comes to Zaroon and says the manner in which you are dealing with Kainat is honorable, yet Saltanat is my little girl, I m frightened… Zaroon says I m liable for Kainat’s state, don’t stress, I will never disregard Saltanat, that is my guarantee, she is my life, Kainat is my obligation. Nadim says I felt great to hear this. Zaroon says I will never do anything amiss with my life. Nadim expresses gratitude toward him. Rubina says I feel eager, don’t have a clue why, my little girl is fine, Kainat did much amiss with Saltanat. Ghazala says it doesn’t make a difference, both are little girls of this house. Rubina says perhaps that is the reason Zaroon is so harmed, there is something incorrectly, don’t have the foggiest idea where did Zainab go. Ghazala says she was advising about setting off to some Dargah, possibly she went to petition God for her little girl. Zainab expels the tape from her mouth. She pulls the landline wire and makes it fall. She gets an approach it and answers. She says police, I m from Shah manzil, my girl is rationally sick, she held me hostage, help me. The woman says pause, we will take subtleties. Zainab says once I go out from here I will disclose to them that Saltanat is Kainat, and the one is trance state is Saltanat, Kainat is attempting to slaughter Saltanat.

Mamoon comes to Zaroon. He says you know Sabina hijacked you. Zaroon says I need to proceed to meet Saltanat. Mamoon expresses profound gratitude for not informing anybody concerning Sabina, on the grounds that it is hard to clarify. Zaroon says I was quiet only for my mother, don’t call me child, you got me captured for cash. Ghazala says I just aided Sabina. Zaroon inquires as to why, what’s your connection with her, she is Zainab’s sister, Zainab despises her, for what reason did you take cash to give her, what might you tell now. Mamoon asks what are you saying, you are questioning on my character. Zaroon says truly, when Sabina was educating me regarding my father, Dr. Sharma heard everything, he knows everything, he remained quiet when he returned home, this is called great character, you can return to Canada, I will deal with my significant other. Mamoon says this connection won’t break on the off chance that you state, you will consistently be my child, until you get fine, I won’t go anyplace. Zaroon goes.

Zainab hears Kainat and gets stunned. Kainat says you ought to have utilized your brain, you aren’t in five star inn to be given a telephone. She reproves Zainab. Zainab asks what do you need. Kainat says I like to hear your cry, I need to be upbeat that I rebuffed my foe, you have your Sautan with you, you both have grabbed my father, you have destroyed my life and now you are grabbing my adoration, my Zaroon, you simply figure how might I endure this, Saltanat will come to you, I will cause you to hear her final gasp to you. Zainab chastens her. Kainat snickers and separates the call. Zainab says nothing can happen to Saltanat. Dr. Sharma gets back home. Zaroon gets some information about Kainat’s MRI report. Dr. Sharma says Kainat is mind dead, her cerebrum isn’t working, I figure we should move her off the machine. They get stunned.

Precap: Dr. Sharma says Kainat will get harmony, her torment will end when we unplug the machine. Kainat says Zaroon, Kainat adored you the most, she will be happy on the off chance that you give her opportunity in her last minute.


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