Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Madhav asking Saltanat who did this. She shows outside. He says her pulse is weak, I have to take her to the hospital. Kainat takes a dupatta from stall and hides the knife in Zaroon’s hand. Zaroon says I won’t go anywhere, I did a crime by stabbing her, I can’t leave her in this state and kill my humanity. Kainat asks what will happen if police sees you with the dead body. Zaroon says nothing, I will tell the truth to police, I can’t leave her here. He goes back and sees Saltanat gone. He says where is she, is she alive, no… Kainat thinks she doesn’t die, where did she go. Madhav takes Saltanat to the hospital. He asks nurse to help him. Zaroon says she isn’t here. Kainat asks where can she go. Zaroon says she can’t go far. He calls the police station.

He says Kainat came and attacked Saltanat, I stabbed Kainat, she is injured. Inspector says don’t worry, we will go and find her in the nearby hospitals. Kainat thinks Madhav would have taken her, but how did he come. Zaroon says Kainat can’t get saved. Madhav asks where is the doctor. He takes her. Police comes to find her. The announcement is made about the criminal getting admitted in the hospital. Nurse hears this and gets Kainat’s pic. Madhav stops her and says you will do her surgery now, you won’t go anywhere. Nurse rings the alarm. Madhav gets angry on her. Nurse says its an emergency alarm, maybe those people are there. Madhav and nurse take doctor’s disguise and take Saltanat. Inspector doesn’t see anyone. He sees the doctor’s gown and recalls Madhav. He runs to see. Madhav gets inside the lift. He takes Saltanat with him. Police takes the stairs. Madhav sees Zaroon and Kainat. They also see Saltanat. Zaroon says inspector, I got them.

Kainat thinks Madhav is everywhere. Madhav thinks what is this matchmaker doing with Zaroon. Zaroon points gun at Madhav and asks him to get back. Madhav takes the nurse at knifepoint and threatens. Zaroon thinks who is this man. Inspector asks Zaroon to keep the gun down. Madhav takes Saltanat. Krish looks for Kashish. The man asks him to go to police station and file missing person report. Krish thanks him.

Madhav gets Saltanat. He says no one can find us here, since she got attacked at this place, perform the surgery, don’t act oversmart, I have your ID card, hurry up. The nurse treats Saltanat. Madhav thinks who is Kashish, what’s Saltanat’s truth. Madhav recalls everything again. He thinks Kainat can’t kill Ghazala, she was with me, is Kashish not Kainat, if this is true then…. He sees Saltanat’s profile online. He recalls Salty and thinks is she the same I m thinking, I have to find out. He thanks the nurse and says sorry to get you like this. Nurse says its fine, this girl has tolerated a lot, don’t know what’s in her fate. He asks what do you mean, you know her. Nurse says yes, her face was burnt and had undergone a face chance operation, I had opened her bandage, how did she get her real face back.

Madhav thinks Saltanat and Kashish are twin sisters, now matchmaker is with Zaroon. He asks when did this happen. She says during Janmashtami days. He thinks I was wrong, she is Saltanat. He says really sorry, if I knew this truth, I would have not done this. He recalls Saltanat and thinks I should have trusted you, I made a big mistake. Saltanat gets treated. Madhav thinks I did wrong with her, she is Saltanat, not Kainat. Kainat thinks my truth will come out, my life will be ruined. She gets a call. Madhav says I know who you are, if you don’t want your truth to reach Zaroon, then come and meet me at Dargah. She gets shocked and drops the phone. Zaroon comes and picks phone. He asks what happened. She says no, its just stress, I will go home and rest. Zaroon asks her to go. Krish cries and asks constable to write missing report. Constable asks him to stop crying. Zaroon comes there to meet inspector. Krish sees him and stops.

Zaroon sees him collapsing. He holds him. He asks what happened to him. Constable says kid was worried and finding someone. Zaroon sprinkles water on his face. He asks whom are you finding Krish. Krish shows the pic and says my friend. Zaroon thinks Madhav had taken Kainat, Krish is Madhav’s son, it means Madhav and Kainat are together. Madhav thinks I won’t leave Kainat. He calls her. He says I knew you won’t answer my truth, you know I know your truth, you can cheat everyone, but not me, I tortured an innocent person because of you, I won’t leave you. Kainat smiles.

Precap: Zaroon holds Kainat’s neck and scolds her. He shouts you will die by my hands.


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