Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kainat introducing herself as Saltanat to everyone. Madhav bends down and goes. He asks Saltanat to come for breakfast. Krish laughs. Kainat fools everyone. She sees Sakshi’s pic and recalls her. She says Sakshi is Madhav’s God, he is a pure gentleman, I want details of all family members. Madhav asks why do you want to know all this, who are you. Indu says she is interior designer. Kainat says hi, I m Saltanat. Madhav worries and thinks Kainat’s sister’s name is also Saltanat. She says I m pleased to meet you. He says I can’t say the same, I don’t like changes, I don’t want any renovation. Saltanat says but I think you should get the renovation done. Kainat looks on. Nadim, Rubina and Zaroon pray. Zainab is seen.

Kainat says even my sister used to say this, what’s your intro. Saltanat says Kashish and shakes hands with her. Zainab opens eyes. Saltanat recalls Kainat. She gets tensed. She leaves her hand and gets dizzy. Zaroon finishes prayers. He sees Zainab. Zainab moves her fingers. Nadim and Rubina smile. Zaroon asks them to see Zainab conscious. Kainat thinks did she identity me. Madhav takes her away.
He says I know who you are, you are a matchmaker, right. Kainat smiles. He says my mum and sister think I m not aware of all this, they are mistaken, I know everything, stop finding a girl for me, I m not interested in marriage. She says relax, I will go. He says stop, I want you to do my work.

Saltanat sees the phone ringing. She answers Kainat’s phone. She says hello…. Zaroon gets shocked hearing her. He says hello…. Saltanat come home fast, Zainab got conscious. She asks who is it. Rubina asks him to come, Zainab wants to say something. Zainab looks at something. Madhav says my friend Kashish lost her memory, I want her memory to come back, she will spend time with you and may get her memory, since both of you are of same religion, spend time with her, I will give you money, will you work for me. She smiles and thinks my prayer is answered, when she gets her memory, Madhav will kill her, he won’t believe she is Saltanat, Zaroon will be free. She agrees and shakes hands with him. She says deal is done. Saltanat says don’t know who was it, he disconnected while talking. Kainat takes her phone and says bad manners, don’t pick phone like this. She says congrats, Madhav is ready to see matches, I will come every day, bye. Madhav says I will drop you, where do you stay. Kainat says Shah Manzil. They all get shocked.

Kainat says near Shah Manzil, the bungalow near the lane, its mine. She leaves with Madhav. He drops her. Kainat thinks if anyone sees me like this, it will be a big problem. Zaroon calls her out, while she checks some burqas at the store. He sees her short dress. He asks you here. She says I told you about the job interview, there was a dress code, you called, I couldn’t hear you, is there anything imp. He says Zainab got conscious. They come home. Kainat looks at her. She thinks there is no harm. She starts drama. She says I m your Saltanat. Zaroon says I feel all our tests are over. Kainat says yes, she will get just happiness. She thinks Zainab sensed that her daughters met. Rubina says I will go and pray to thank Lord. She goes with Zaroon. Kainat shuts the door. She says we both sisters met and your breath came back, you are getting fine at the right time, I m married, I m getting Zaroon, just look at the dramas, Madhav will kill Saltanat now, I will stay happily here as Saltanat with Zaroon.

Precap: Madhav shuts Saltanat in the house. Someone comes to Saltanat. She asks who is it.


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