Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Zaroon thinking of Saltanat. She walks inside the gate and thinks of Zaroon. He sees her coming and gets up to see. They are close. He turns away. Her saree gets stuck. She sits to free it. He doesn’t see her and looks around. He thinks what am I thinking. He lies to sleep. Saltanat comes to him. Kainat uses chloroform and faints her. Zaroon asks Saltanat what are you doing. He turns and doesn’t see anyone. He sees Kainat near his feet. She says I believe that sitting near husband’s feet increases love. Zaroon asks are you mad, you behave weird sometimes. He recalls Nadim’s words and says sorry, I know you are doing this for me. He goes. She sees Saltanat under the swing. She thinks Zaroon is cute and comes in my words easily.

Madhav asks where is Kashish. Sneha says she has beaten my husband, you just care for her. Madhav says I m just worried for Kashish now, if she goes to police or family, I won’t get justice for Sakshi, no I can’t let this happen. Kainat takes Saltanat with her. She stops a taxi and gets in. She asks driver to drive fast. He looks at them. She says Saltanat’s memory went, but still she comes getting drawn. Driver thinks this man is with a dead body. Kainat thinks to deal with the problem soon. Madhav is also on the way. He thinks I won’t let Kainat get away so easily. He sees Saltanat’s saree and recalls her. He thinks Kainat was wearing this saree today, where is she going. Driver chants mantras and gets scared. Kainat scolds him. Madhav follows the car. Driver counts and jumps down. Kainat screams. She tries to drive. She thinks what to do, I don’t know driving. Saltanat gets up and asks who are you. Kainat gets shocked. Saltanat asks her to stop the car. Madhav thinks why is the car going this way. Saltanat shouts. Kainat jumps down the car. Saltanat gets shocked.

She thinks what to do. She opens the door and jumps down. The car hits somewhere. Madhav drives away seeing her in front. Kainat comes and holds her hand. Saltanat recalls Kainat. He asks Kashish are you fine. Kainat says this was your car. He says thanks for saving her life. Kainat recalls changing her getup. Madhav asks her what is she doing here. She says I came for a walk. He asks at this time. She says yes, is our deal on. He says yes. Krish cries and prays for Saltanat. Indu consoles him. Madhav gets Saltanat home. Krish smiles and runs to hug her. He says my friend has come back. Saltanat asks him to give her welcome kiss. Krish says no, I m angry on you, how did you leave.

She sees Jugal. Indu asks Krish to let Saltanat eat food first, then she will tell everything to him. Krish asks are you hungry. Saltanat says yes, a lot. He asks her to have food and come to him. Indu takes him. Madhav asks why did you beat Jugal. She says because he is a cheap man, he tried to molest me. Madhav gets shocked. He asks what. Sneha says stop lying, Jugal can’t do such a cheap thing. Saltanat asks am I lying, have shame, you are a girl before being a wife, your husband misbehaves with girls, you blame the girls, you take action against him. Sneha says stop it, if you say anything against him… She raises hand. Madhav holds her hand.

Saltanat looks at him. Madhav says Jugal, is this true, what is Kashish saying. Saltanat asks don’t you believe him, why are you asking him, you are my so called family, but I got peace in Shah Manzil today. Madhav gets shocked.

Precap: Saltanat asks don’t you love me, tell me the truth, did you lie to me. Madhav shouts yes, I don’t love you, you are my hatred.


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