Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Madhav asking how did you reach Shah Manzil, did you meet anyone, did you remember anything. Saltanat says Jugal tried to molest me, you are not concerned about it and asking me about Shah Manzil. She says nothing happened there, I didn’t meet anyone, I was alone but didn’t feel alone, I got some peace there. She goes. Madhav beats Jugal. Saltanat stops and looks on. Sneha stops Madhav. Madhav says I didn’t tell anything, since your wife always saved you, I won’t leave you today, I will make your life worse than jail in this house, I promise. He goes. Jugal asks Sneha to do something. Madhav gets a a black cloth. He blindfolds Jugal. He asks Sneha to stay out of this. He says your eyes are cheap, you see all the women with bad sight. He warns Sneha and him

against opening the blindfold.
Saltanat thinks of Madhav. He gets food for her. He asks her to apply medicine on her wound. She says you aren’t so rude as you look. She smiles and says I don’t like having food alone. She holds his hand and asks him to sit along. She leaves his hand. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks what. She says I don’t feel any love, like I felt the love tonight, when I touched you, I didn’t feel anything, why don’t I feel close to you.

She asks him to answer, doesn’t he love her, does she love someone else, what’s the truth. He shouts yes, I don’t love you, I hate you. She gets shocked and cries. She asks why do you hate me, I want to know the truth. He asks what will you do knowing the truth, come with me. He shows her the mirror. He says look at your face and recall, you are such a bad person, you did a crime, you are my culprit, so I caged you here so that you remember your crime, how you ruined your life, I will keep you caged until your memory comes back. He goes. She says what did I do. Kainat sits talking to Zainab. Zainab cries.

Kainat says Madhav wants to kill Kainat, but I m here with Zaroon. Saltanat thinks of Madhav. She says when everyone hates me, what am I doing here. Krish hugs her. She cries seeing him sleeping. She says I don’t know what I did, I have to go and find out, I know where I will get my answers. Indu asks what happened. Jugal says I m a decent man. Sneha says I can’t tolerate this, Jugal is son in law of the house. Indu says Madhav always stays angry because of Kashish, everything will be fine. Krish looks for Saltanat. He gets her pendant and phone. Indu says Jugal is son in law of the house.

Madhav says that’s why he is here, else I would have sent him to jail. Snega gets Jugal. Krish comes crying and says Saltanat left. Saltanat comes to police station. She waits for inspector. She doesn’t see Kainat’s pic on the board. Madhav says I won’t let you go easily. He throws the food. He asks Krish to go to his room. Krish says no, I want her back. Madhav says I promise I will get her back, don’t cry. Kainat comes. Madhav leaves. She asks what happened to him. Sneha dances. Jugal asks did the matchmaker come, this perfume smell. Kainat asks what happened. Sneha says Kashish left the house. Kainat gets shocked. Saltanat thinks Krish would get upset. Constable says I have seen this girl somewhere. She thinks fate is signing me, I should go back.

Precap: Constable sees Kainat’s pic. He calls Zaroon and says we caught Kainat. Zaroon comes to the police station.


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