Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Zaroon inquiring as to whether the religion enables him to pick his lady of the hour. Dada ji says truly, Islam doesn’t have any such limits, you may pick your lady of the hour. Zaroon says excuse me, I don’t acknowledge this coalition, I would prefer not to wed Kainat. Everybody gets stunned. Mamoon gets irate on Zaroon. He asks what’s the point in rejecting now. Zaroon says on the off chance that I hadn’t said this now, it would have late, I long for my life accomplice, who is unique. Mamoon says kids need to obey guardians here. Zaroon says excuse me, no traditions and greater than the religion, when my religion licenses me to pick my life accomplice, how might you deny. Rubina underpins Zaroon.

Dada ji says this marriage won’t occur if Zaroon wouldn’t like to wed Kainat. Kainat cries and gets back. A vase falls. They all observe Kainat fleeing. Zainab supports her. Dada ji comes to comfort Kainat. He is sorry to Kainat. Kainat asks him not to apologize and simply favor her, her distress will end. He favors her and Zainab. He goes. Mamoon gets some information about his fantasies. Zaroon says I won’t let your fantasies break, I didn’t state I will do this marriage. Mamoon asks what would you like to state. Zaroon says I need to wed my preferred young lady, your fantasy is to get your hereditary property, can’t there be some way that both the things occur.

Mamoon says there is no such way. Zaroon says there is one way, allow me 24 hours time, I will fix everything, you will say you are pleased with me. Mamoon concurs. Saltanat says whatever happened wasn’t right. Rubina inquires as to why, Zaroon is instructed and utilized his rights. Nadim asks Saltanat to proceed to help Zainab. He requests that her get the heirship outfit from Zainab, Dada ji had reported that Zaroon will do the petitions today at the Dargah. Saltanat asks even after so much occurred.

Nadim says indeed, he requested that I make Zaroon prepared. Saltanat goes out and considers Zaroon. He comes there. They tumble down in the pool. They have an eyelock. He holds her hands.

Precap Upcoming Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Episode Update: Zaroon experiences the customs of heirshop at the Dargah. Dada ji stops Zaroon. Mamoon gets stunned.


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