Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Saltanat thinking I won’t go back there. Indu and Sneha ask Kainat what happened to her, was Kashish her fav, go and find her. Kainat worries. Jugal says I m praying to get free from this blindness. Sneha asks him to relax. Sneha says if you find Kashish, then take her home. A boy comes and asks his dad why did he leave him. The man hugs him and says sorry, I promise I won’t leave you and go. She leaves. Constable says where did this girl go, she was Kainat. He shouts catch her. He calls Zaroon and says we caught Kainat, come fast. Zaroon gets shocked. He reaches the police station. He calls Kainat and says we got Kainat, I got a call from police station. Kainat gets shocked and drops the phone. He says come fast, I reached. She picks her phone. They see

Saltanat at the door. Zaroon asks how can you let her go. Inspector says we caught someone else, Kainat was gone. Zaroon says you know she is dangerous. He thinks we have to stay alert now, if Kainat has come back, she will try to harm the family, where is Saltanat, I have to tell her. He calls Kainat. Sneha says it would be good if she died. Jugal greets Kashish. Sneha scolds Saltanat. Kainat thinks Saltanat won’t change.

Krish calls Madhav and says friend Didi came back. Saltanat hugs him. Kainat thinks did Zaroon hear anything. She answers and says I can’t hear you. He says send me your location, I will come and pick you, Kainat is close. She says I will come home. Krish says no need to fight her now. He takes her. Kainat goes. Krish shows balloons to Saltanat. He says this is dad’s anger, this is everyone’s anger, my love and friendship is bigger than this anger. He says you don’t love me, you went away, you don’t value it. She holds ears and says your friendship is more imp for me, we will burst this anger balloon. He says never leave me, promise. Madhav comes and shouts on her. Krish says don’t shout on her, everyone scolds her. Madhav says okay fine, ask her to tell me where she went. Kainat comes home. Zaroon asks where were you, everyone was worried. Kainat asks what happened.

Zaroon says I had called you and told you. She says there was no network, tell me. Rubina says Kainat has come back. Kainat asks what. Zaroon says we were worried for you, keep phone on. Kainat asks him not to worry. Zaroon says I lost my mum, I won’t lose you, how did Kainat come to police station when she proved herself dead. Saltanat says I want to tell you something, I decided to never come back, my love for Krish got me back, I decided to stay here, I don’t know about myself, I know you are a good person, I have seen you caring for others, you hate me and took care for me, I respect that, until I remember what I did with you, I will stay here, if you think I deserve the punishment, I will accept it. He says fine, where did you go. She says I went to police station to know why you hate me. He thinks did anyone see her, my plan will fail, no, I have to delete CCTV footage. Zaroon says I want that cctv footage, Kainat had come there, she is going to do something.

Madhav takes old man disguise. He enters the police station. Zaroon comes and asks inspector to show him footage, Kainat is very dangerous. Inspector says fine, come with me. Madhav goes to record room. He lies to constable. He checks the footage. Zaroon walks there.

Precap: Madhav thinks Zaroon’s voice…. Zaroon opens the door.


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