Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Madhav deleting the footage. He hides. Zaroon and inspector get in and check for footage. Madhav leaves. Inspector says sorry, the footage got deleted. Zaroon asks is this a joke, why this carelessness. Inspector says relax, we have backup for every footage. He checks. Zaroon thinks to solve the matter himself. He says Kainat came here and then left, why. He comes home. He asks everyone to stay at home. He makes guard check everywhere. He asks Kainat is she fine. She asks why these bodyguards. He says its for security, this time Kainat won’t get saved. He gets a knife in hand. They get shocked.

Zaroon says Kainat killed my mum with this knife, I swear on my mum, if Kainat comes in front, I will kill her with this knife. Rubina asks him not to do anything wrong. Zaroon says no, she has crossed all limits, I will punish her. Kainat thinks wow, you love me, you will kill Saltanat by your own hands, I m proud of you. Zaroon says she went to police station and then deleted the cctv footage, her pic will come in newspaper tomorrow, I will go and check security. Rubina says I pray that their lives get peace.

Saltanat calls out Krish. She recalls Madhav’s words. Krish comes and hugs her. He asks her to close eyes. He makes her wear a band. She sees it. He says you gifted me a balloon, I had to gift this friendship band. She thanks him. He says now you won’t leave me ever. Madhav looks on. Krish signs him.

Madhav recalls asking Krish to gift Saltanat so that she doesn’t leave him. He gives the band. Krish says I love you. Madhav says I love you too. FB ends. Madhav thinks sorry, but this is imp. Its morning, Madhav reads newspaper and gets a call. He goes. Jugal comes and asks someone to read newspaper for him. Saltanat says I will make breakfast for you. Jugal thinks Kashish is talking to me with love. She thinks to take his help. Krish goes to read newspaper. He thinks why is her pic here. He asks what’s wanted. Jugal says one whom we find, whom we want to keep with love. Krish thinks someone is finding her, no I won’t let her go. Kainat checks the newspaper. She worries.

Zaroon comes. He says we gave the ad, police appreciated the idea, someone identified her and got the address, she will be caught soon. She thinks if police gets Kashish and reaches Madhav, my game will be over. Jugal likes the breakfast. Madhav comes and thinks why did Kashish made breakfast for Jugal. Jugal says she was asking what I know about her. Madhav asks what did you tell her. Jugal laughs. Madhav shouts. Sneha says leave him, now everyone knows about her. She shows the ad. Madhav asks where is Kashish.

He opens the door and sees police. He stops the police. Inspector says we have search warrant, we got to know you had hidden a girl here. Madhav says someone gave you wrong info. Inspector says we will find out. Madhav thinks truth will come out now. Police doesn’t get her and leaves. Madhav checks tracker. He checks her location an says what is she doing there. Saltanat asks Krish to study well. She asks why did you come with me. He thinks I can’t send her home, how to tell her. He says we will go somewhere else today. She says bad boy, don’t lie, come to school. He worries. He asks for chaat. She asks him to eat fast. Madhav comes there. Krish goes. Madhav asks her to come. She gets the paper in hand. Madhav scolds her. She argues with him. She sees the ad. She gets shocked. He looks on. She asks what’s this posters, tell me. He says you want to know the truth, fine I will tell you today. They leave.

Precap: Saltanat comes to Zaroon. Tere bina….plays…. He stabs her. She gets shocked and falls down.


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