Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Saltanat getting in a quandary. She considers Kainat and Zaroon. Zainab makes Kainat prepared. Kainat says you generally ask me not to apply lipstick. Zainab says today is a test for you and this house, everything is permitted today, it will be chosen, you must be prepared. Kainat says I didn’t get it. Zainab says I requested that you conceal your satisfaction, presently I m instructing you to shroud your distress, we will go to a marriage, none should realize what you have lost, men have ideal to acknowledge or won’t, yet ladies can remain glad and make the men embarrassed about their refusal. Kainat says I couldn’t care less of anybody’s refusal.

Everybody prepares. Saltanat sees Kainat with cosmetics and gets astonished. Zaroon comes. Kainat says you have come India out of the blue, I will demonstrate you an Indian wedding today, come. They all leave.

They achieve the wedding. A hobo requests cash. Zaroon gives cash. Poor person favors Zaroon and Saltanat’s matching. Kainat looks on. Hamza pays the bum and gets favoring for Kainat and himself.

Everybody sees the straightforward wedding. Dada ji commends the general population for making the wedding simple by making straightforward courses of action. Zaroon envisions Saltanat and his marriage. Janam dekhlo… .plays… Nadim sees Zaroon smilingly observing Saltanat. He grins.

Zaroon comes to converse with Dada ji. Dada ji says your time is finished, what do you need to state. Nadim says Zaroon, I need to reveal to you something, there are numerous conventions and traditions, which you aren’t mindful of, our family episodes become a case for the world, don’t affront our family regard and qualities. Zaroon says I m additionally part of this culture, father has kept our qualities alive, I need to wed Saltanat. Everybody gets happy. Rubina says we acknowledge this collusion. Dada ji says I don’t acknowledge this collusion. Mamoon asks Dada ji what’s going on if this occurs. Dada ji says its not wrong, yet Zaroon and I can’t choose this, even Saltanat can’t choose this, that young lady will choose whom Zaroon has rejected. He asks Kainat to choose.

He favors Kainat and says you would be stunned, yet I need to do equity, Zaroon was called here for Kainat, it was Mamoon and my choice yet you kids have changed personalities, Kainat is nothing to get rejected, I had offered time to Zaroon and now I will offer time to Kainat, Zaroon and Saltanat will get hitched just if Kainat wills. Zaroon sees Saltanat and signs no.

Precap Upcoming Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Episode Update: Dada ji asks Kainat to reveal to her choice before everybody. Everybody anticipates her choice.


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