Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Saltanat and Neelam play badminton. Zaroon comes there. Neelam asks them to play and is going to get freshen up. Zaroon says I need to meet you for a communicate. Saltanat says sorry, i will’t meet you, you took 24 hours time from Dada ji to find a solution, how does I are available in between this. He asks aren’t you my friend, received’t you help me. She says no, our family members are also suspended till 24 hours. She is going. He gets wondering. Neelam comes to Kainat and asks her to be pleasant. Kainat asks how can i assist you, tell me. Neelam says Hamza desires to meet you, he become saying, its on your earnings, he’s your cousin, why can’t you meet, he desires to talk about Zaroon, its your desire. Kainat asks the time and location.

Rubina makes Saltanat get ready. Saltanat asks wherein are you taking me. Rubina says I m your real mum, include me, it’ll get past due. Hamza and Kainat are on the way. Kainat says you’re my aunt’s son, I got here with you, you already know I don’t exit with all and sundry, wherein are you taking me. He says thank you, believe me, you gained’t remorse. Rubina and Saltanat come to a few location and see the couples. Saltanat asks why did you get me here. Rubina says so you meet that man or woman. Saltanat is going to him and gets taken aback seeing Zaroon. Rubina recollects helping Zaroon. Rubina asks them to talk and goes. Zaroon says we met on my own before additionally, don’t you accept as true with me now. Saltanat says I trust myself, i will meet any stranger, you’re still a relative. He smiles. She says its not approximately agree with here, but the scenario. a pair collides with Saltanat. She falls over Zaroon. they have a second. Hamza receives Kainat there and shows them. He recollects listening to Zaroon.

Hamza says Zaroon isn’t doing this, Saltanat is doing this, if Zaroon says yes, even then Saltanat’s rejected piece will come in your hand, a 2nd hand husband. Kainat cries and goes. Hamza smiles. Zaroon asks Saltanat to assist him. He says I need to hold your hand and cross in front of your Dada ji and my dad. She refuses to him. He says if I name you, please don’t refuse there. She says you do what you discover proper, but don’t rely on me, whilst my elders question me, i’m able to solution what’s right according to my principles. He concerns. Hamza involves Dadi and tells approximately Kainat, the sport he performed, he made Kainat against Saltanat. Dadi says Zaroon has come right here for Kainat. He says I made him 2d hand for Kainat, tonight it will likely be a catastrophe for them and blessing for me. absolutely everyone selects the costumes. Zainab and Rubina argue. Saltanat comes. Rubina is going to talk to her. Hamza smiles.

Saltanat scolds Rubina for leaving her with a stranger and coming returned home. Rubina says Zaroon isn’t a atypical. Saltanat says his reason isn’t viable, you need to have no longer done this. Rubina says I did this so that the own family remains united, every person respects Dada ji, you know that everyone is in tension, Zaroon’s refusal will quit all the hopes of union of two households. Saltanat says please him that he is doing wrong. Rubina says you are my daughter, who doesn’t like my upbringing these days, i’d have explained him if he changed into my son. Saltanat asks what do you need from me. Rubina gets the holy e-book and makes Saltanat swear on it. She says if Zaroon proposes you nowadays, you will now not refuse.

Precap: Zaroon says i’ve a solution, I want to marry Saltanat. everybody receives bowled over.


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