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The Episode starts with Kainat thinking why shall I look back when I did so much to get my love. Zaroon thinks to reach Madhav and Kainat through Krish. He asks Krish about his family. Krish names everyone and says Madhav got my friend home on Janmashtami. Zaroon asks what’s her name. Krish says her name is Krish, she is dad’s friend and now my friend. He shows Saltanat’s pic. Madhav sees Saltanat and recalls the tortures he did. He thinks mum was right, my anger would make me do something that I don’t meet my eyes, Kashish is the proof, I didn’t follow my heart, I have always given her punishment of Kainat’s share. Indu comes to Krish’s room. She calls out Krish. She says where did he go, he was here.

Sneha and Jugal come home. Jugal dances. Sneha scolds him. Indu comes to them and says Krish is nowhere. Madhav says Kainat did all this, she fooled the world so that Saltanat gets punished for her crimes, and she stays free. He says Kashish, I made a big mistake, please forgive me, sorry. He cries. Saltanat gets conscious and sees him. She recalls Zaroon stabbing him. She asks why did you save me, I m fed up of my life, I went to Shah Manzil to know my crimes, I met a woman there, who saved me from that guy’s attack then that guy stabbed me, my past is so bad Madhav that I don’t want to go back, no one has a place for me in their lives, what shall I do, its better I die. She cries.

He thinks Kainat is very smart, she did this so that Zaroon got compelled to kill Kashish, I will tell her truth so that she fights, I will support her. He says Zaroon has tried to kill you, he thinks you are Kainat who killed his mum, he doesn’t know you are Saltanat, his wife, Kainat’s twin sister. She gets shocked. He says Kainat proved that Saltanat is Kainat, she started living as Saltaant so that she gets love and you get punished. She slaps Madhav. She says enough, how much will you lie, since I got conscious, you are lying to me, I thought you are a nice person, I was wrong, you called me a murderer, now you are saying I m not Kainat, but Saltanat, you think you will always fool me, I don’t want to keep any relation with you. He asks her to listen. She falls. He shouts Kashish. He sees her in front.

She wakes up and asks what happened Madhav, are you fine. He says yes, I saw a bad dream. He thinks Kashish won’t believe me, Zaroon has the reason to believe me, I will tell him. She asks where is Krish. Sneha asks where shall we find Krish now. Jugal says Madhav won’t leave us. Indu gets Madhav’s call. He asks is everything fine there. Sneha says yes, Krish is sleeping in his room. Indu says if Madhav knows, he won’t leave us. Sneha says I know. Jugal says don’t tell him that we went to play Garba. Sneha says pretend normal. Indu scolds them for being selfish. Door bell rings. Jugal checks the door. Zaroon looks on. Krish greets. Jugal says Krish has come. Krish asks Zaroon to come. Indu says you made this man run away that day. Sneha scolds Zaroon.

Zaroon asks Krish to go to his room. Krish goes. Zaroon asks where is Madhav. Indu asks why, who are you. Zaroon says just tell me where did Madhav hide Kainat. Indu asks who, we don’t know any Kainat, who are you, how did you come here, did you intend to kidnap Krish, I will call police. Zaroon says fine, tell police Zaroon has come to find Kainat, lets see who gets arrested. Jugal says he will send us to jail, I m asking for the last time, where is Madhav. Indu says he isn’t at home. Zaroon says call him, put it on speaker. Madhav answers. Indu asks where are you, when are you coming home. Madhav says I will come in some time, I made a big mistake. Indu says come home and then we will talk. Madhav says Kashish isn’t Kainat. The phone gets off. Zaroon asks what did he say, Kashish isn’t Kainat. Indu says I didn’t understand.

Zaroon says fine, Madhav will answer me, let him come, I will wait here. Madhav and Saltanat are on the way. Krish says Saltanat will come and I will play game with her. Zaroon comes to his room. Krish says this is my room, come I will show my painting. Krish says my friend is very nice, she knows you also, she has made your drawing. He shows the sketch. Zaroon sees the sketch. Krish says she is very nice, you will like to meet her. Zaroon thinks I came to ask about Kainat, why do I feel Saltanat’s presence, where is Saltanat. Kainat gives jewellery and says I want a gun, times are bad, I need to protect myself. The man gives the gun. He says do anything you want, I don’t care, don’t get caught. Kainat says I just have to stay alive, I don’t care if I have to kill someone.

Rubina sees the stormy winds. She comes to Zainab’s room. She sees Zainab sitting. She gets shocked. She shouts Nadim… Zainab says call Zaroon, not Nadim. Rubina says thank Lord you got conscious, I will call Zaroon and everyone. Zainab says I just want to talk to Zaroon, no one else should know it. Zaroon waits for Madhav. He asks Sneha what’s her name. Sneha says I m Sneha. Zaroon says then call Madhav and ask him to come. The doors open. Zaroon says I will call Saltanat. He calls Rubina and asks did Saltanat come home. Rubina says no, she went with you, Zainab got conscious, she wants to talk to you. He says fine, I will come. He says Indu ji, if you tell Madhav about me, you will be in problem. Madhav gets Saltanat there. Zaroon leaves.

Zaroon sees Zainab. Zainab asks Rubina to go, she has to talk to Zaroon. Rubina goes. Zainab says Kainat is living with you as Saltanat. Zaroon gets shocked.

Precap: Zaroon catches Kainat’s neck and says you killed my mom, you are the culprit, you will die by my hands Kainat….


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