Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Zaroon seeing Madhav at the gate. Madhav says let me go in. Zaroon says Dr. Sharma. He shouts catch him. Madhav sees him. He pushes guards and runs away. Zaroon asks guards to catch him. He runs back to the house. Kainat asks Kashish to open the door and not believe Zainab. Saltanat opens the door and sees Kainat. She asks who is this woman, who was that person trying to kill me. Kainat worries. Saltanat asks her to tell. She says I want to know the truth. Kainat asks her to come along. She thinks Zaroon should have killed her, I can’t take risk, Zaroon won’t kill her here. Madhav thinks where did Kashish go. He calls Krish and asks did Kashish reach home. Krish says no.

Madhav thinks what is this girl doing, where did she go, I have to find her some how. Saltanat and Kainat come to some dark place. She asks Kainat to just tell her. Zaroon calls her and asks where are you. She says I just came to check at the godown. She thinks Zaroon will come here. Indu and everyone talk about Kashish. Krish cries for Kashish. Sneha asks her to complete homework first. Indu says she is our enemy.

Zaroon thinks how he lost Ghazala. He senses something and stops. Saltanat says I want to know my relation with you all. Kainat holds her hand. She says Zaroon, save me, she will kill me. Saltanat gets shocked and turns to Zaroon.

Jugal asks Sneha not to do anything. Krish sees Indu and says dad isn’t answering, just call him. Indu asks him to call Madhav and talk. Krish thinks everyone is busy, I have to find her now. Zaroon recalls Kainat stabbing Ghazala. He stabs Saltanat. She gets shocked. Saltanat falls down and sees Zaroon. She gets flashes of him.

Kainat asks Zaroon to just come. Saltanat forwards hand to Zaroon. Zaroon looks at her and gives his hand. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays….. Kainat takes Zaroon with her. Saltanat lies injured. Madhav gets the police jeep there. He hides his face. Zaroon and Kainat leave. Madhav rushes inside. He recalls taking the police jeep. He gets shocked seeing Saltanat stabbed.

Precap: Zaroon holds Kainat’s neck and says you are the culprit of everyone, Kainat you will get death punishment by my hands.


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