Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Zaroon and Saltanat asking Preeti to allow them to cross, they have no money to pay for taxi fare and rent. Preeti says you both have eloped, its first-rate, Akshay and that i also eloped and got here right here to start a brand new existence. Saltanat asks shall I tell them about Miyajaan. Zaroon says no. they come home. Saltanat says we’re coming. She looks round. Zaroon says you watched we need to stay here. She says that is the selection of fate, we left domestic to show our love proper, we will live right here and provide an explanation for our perception to Miyajaan, we are able to tell the fact to them whilst the right time comes. Kainat and Sabina come there.

Kainat falls down in the dirt and reads the taunting line on the auto’s trunk. She asks Sabina to help her. Sabina says they’re shameless to come back returned right here. They listen Dadi shouting and see her bargaining with a vegetable seller. Kainat says now see what I do with Saltanat. She goes to Dadi and changes her voice. She asks Dadi didn’t she get right information. She says Saltanat took away her sister’s would be husband. Dadi says Saltanat is Miyajaan’s granddaughter. Kainat says I m Abbas’ spouse, congrats to you, Saltanat and Zaroon are back on this lane. Dadi asks what. Kainat says sure, see that Saxena’s residence, Saltanat is there, i’ve visible her and wondering to tell this to Miyajaan. Dadi says no want to tell him, i will inform him. Kainat says congratulate him to end up a top notch grandfather, Saltanat is pregnant. Dadi gets greatly surprised. Kainat goes to Sabina. Dadi says Saltanat is pregnant. She smiles.

Rubina says this may’t take place, I don’t trust Sabina. Miyajaan asks for Kainat. Nadim says she has long past to Dargah. Dadi comes with people playing Dhol. Dadi says congrats to you all from my aspect. Miyajaan asks why. Dadi says this precise news will surprise you. Miyajaan says I don’t need any drama now. She says you will get glad hearing this excellent information. She asks them to have sweets. She says Rubina goes to become Nani, Saltanat is pregnant. They get greatly surprised. Dadi dances on dhol. Miyajaan stops her and asks how will you get such reasonably-priced mind in mind, how dare you insult me. She asks Hamza to look how his Nana is taking to his Dadi.

Dadi says I just said Saltanat is pregnant, Rubina knew this and hidden this huge factor. Miyajaan asks is she announcing the reality. Rubina says no. Nadim asks did about this. Rubina says sure, Sabina told me. Miyajaan asks did all and sundry say this on the sanatorium. Ghazala says no, we went there however kids left from there, we couldn’t find something. Dadi says name them here and ask them, I realize wherein are they. She asks Miyajaan to go and spot how Saltanat is ruining their recognize. Saltanat tells Akshay and Preeti that she is Miyajaan’s grand daughter. Miyajaan and everyone come there. Zaroon smiles. Saltanat greets Miyajaan. She smiles seeing them.

Zaroon says they’re our own family, they came to take us. Preeti says are available in and speak. Miyajaan says we don’t need to clear up this, do you recognize me. Akshay says sure. Miyajaan says if you admire me, make them out of your own home. Kainat smiles. Mamoon scolds Saltanat. Miyajaan says I regret that proof is asked for proof, Saltanat has defamed me this manner. Dadi says Saltanat is pregnant out of wedlock. all and sundry receives stunned.

Saltanat says that is a lie, I m not pregnant, it changed into a false impression at the hospital. Rubina and Zainab smile. Dadi asks did you go to health facility for giving sweets. Zaroon says she fainted on the street and i took her to the health center. Miyajaan gets irritated. Saltanat says reports got changed within the medical institution, I m now not pregnant. Preeti says she is saying right, her reports got changed through medical institution personnel’s fault, she isn’t pregnant. Saltanat asks how did your religion on me destroy so soon, my values and upbringing received’t make me do whatever such. Miyajaan says there could be new rumors tomorrow, you both shouldn’t stay together with out marriage. He orders Akshay to lead them to out of the residence and lane. everyone worries.

Precap: Zaroon says you are afraid that we’re staying with out marrying, you could display this to them, we are going to have a court marriage next week. Kainat gets stunned.


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