Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kainat wondering its occurring as I thought. Akshay and Preeti say its our house, we will not make them out of right here, its our wish, they helped us loads, we will assist them. Mamoon attempts to talk. Miyajaan stops him. Zaroon says you are afraid that we’re staying right here with out marriage. Saltanat cries and receives a few file. Zaroon says whoever questions you, show this to them, we’re going to do a court marriage, we took a date, our marriage is subsequent week. Ghazala and Rubina get happy. Kainat gets taken aback.

Zaroon says Saltanat is worried on your respect, she values your respect greater than our love, we aren’t glad to marry this way, you received’t alternate your selection and we received’t change destiny of our relation, I don’t think every person will have any problem now. Miyajaan says seasons also change but slowly, you’re changing so soon, I don’t take care of something now, Saltanat isn’t my granddaughter now, simply Kainat is my granddaughter, she can have all my blessings now, and Saltanat could have all my curses. They get bowled over. He is going. Mamoon angrily is going. Saltanat cries.

Kainat beats herself and cries. She says I received’t assist you to snatch my love. Dadi comes to her room and gets in. She says Saltanat’s being pregnant information is fake, each person is indignant on me, drop me domestic. Kainat says certain. Dadi says I didn’t expect this, you are so foxy, you wanted me to insult Saltanat. She says you had come to be that disguised woman, Abbas’ spouse Mastani, you have hurt Dadi and wounded yourself, you will burn your family, don’t worry, I received’t tell your fact to all and sundry, recollect my choose, i will take its price when time comes, next time, get true information, if Saltanat’s being pregnant information become actual, you don’t know it might be a lot fun, assist me and manage your anger. She goes. Kainat throws issue in anger. Zaroon and Saltanat are unhappy. Preeti consoles Saltanat. She says you both believe every other while the reviews got changed. She signs Akshay. Akshay consoles Zaroon. Preeti says that’s why we trusted you. Akshay says this takes place with folks who run and elope, things get easy when you are collectively. Zaroon holds Saltanat’s hand and says we will continually be collectively. Preeti says we are your readymade family, come and spot your room. Saltanat says quality, however we should go someplace.

Miyajaan says Nadim, none can maintain relations with Saltanat now. Mamoon says we will apprehend your anger, but we need to discover some manner to deliver them back. Miyajaan says no Mamoom, you and Ghazala will leave and pass back to Canada, because you all and your vain son have come right here, we confronted many troubles, I didn’t consider this would appear. Mamoon is going and sits on Miyajaan’s chair. He says we won’t go everywhere Miyajaan, you can’t pressure us to depart. Zaroon and Saltanat are on the Dargah. They pray. She misses her circle of relatives. Mamoon says this is my dad’s house, you had one share and also you took over the whole lot. Miyajaan asks what. Mamoon says don’t get shocked, i have identical right on this residence and property. Miyajaan says i have right on this throne. Mamoon says you bought this position in charity after my dad’s loss of life, we should have enough rights. They get bowled over. Nadim warns Mamoon and holds his collar. Mamoon gets indignant on him.

Nadim says you don’t deserve to get this residence and throne. Mamoon asks who are you to mention this. Ghazala asks Mamoon to prevent. Miyajaan asks them to stop this drama. Mamoon says we received’t pass with out taking our share. Miyajaan says you haven’t any right here, I m making Nadim the heir, i can quickly announce this. Mamoon says i will see the way you announce it. He is going with Ghazala. Dadi says Nazim gets the throne after which… Hamza says please be quiet, come with me. Sabina smiles and says I want you made me your bahu, this would have not happened in your home. Saltanat and Zaroon tie the mannat thread. He says we can be soon with our own family, we can’t live a long way from them for lots days. They pray.

Precap: Saltanat says I don’t like something with out you. Kainat warns Zainab and pushes her.


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