Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Miyajaan asking Saltanat to reply him, is this actual. He says Kainat had locked you inside the chest and crossed all limits. Saltanat asks how do you recognize. Nilam says Zaroon advised every body, he knew Kainat will try to harm you. He asks Saltanat did Kainat visit her room and did she…. Nilam says yes, Kainat had locked Saltanat in a few room and went to Zaroon as Saltanat. Miyajaan says i’ve constantly misunderstood you, Kainat….. I felt Kainat is a blessing for me, she is a stain on family. Saltanat says its no longer like that, she is combating with dying, she wishes our love and help. Miyajaan says Kainat has done wrong, she has were given punished by using Lord, its better that she dies. Saltanat says Miyajaan…

Sabina takes Mamoon out and says i will’t believe that Kainat jumped down, can we get caught. He says I don’t recognize you probably did, however Kainat wrote that she is chargeable for her suicide, I don’t think she will be able to get stored. She says then police will find out the whole lot, Saltanat knows about me. He asks does she know about me. She says no. He receives relieved. She says but she will be able to know it, Ghazala heard us, i’ve to tell her. He says don’t dare to try this. She taunts and says i will now not tell anybody if you pay a fee, deliver me 10000rs as of now. He offers her the money and asks her to be quiet.

Miyajaan says every body has a right to know Kainat’s fact. Saltanat says no, you received’t do this. Nilam gets a name and is going. Saltanat says Kainat sincerely cherished Zaroon. He says Zaroon never cherished her, he didn’t hesitate to mention this, after one of these factor, Kainat doesn’t deserve everyone’s love, I curse such a female who could spend a night time with a person else’s husband. She gets tensed and says no person can tolerate this truth now, at least think about Zainab, Kainat is her daughter, please, i’m able to pass and notice Kainat. She goes.

She involves Zaroon. He holds Kainat’s hand. He says simply see, the instant I m leaving her hand, there may be a tear drop from her eye, don’t understand why I felt bad, i can display you one greater factor, her mehendi has Zaroon written, show me your hand. She says sure, however what do you need to say. He says I feel indignant and also bad for her, I informed you to take her to doctor, none heard me, you always defined me and now….. why are you silent, say something. She asks what shall I say. He says you have nothing to mention for this state. She says you’re too worn-out and you think this, take some rest after which we will talk. He says I experience you are greater angry on her. She says why will i am getting indignant, its not anything like that.

He says I need to take relaxation. He gets up and says see every other tear fall, don’t you have to mention some thing, we must argue that someone is crying for your husband’s leaving, what occurred, you changed after marriage, are you ok. She asks didn’t you want for such a wife who agreed to you. He says no, else i’d have married Kainat. He goes. She sits close to Kainat and holds her hand.

Mamoon says we’re going again to Canada. Ghazala asks why, we are able to’t pass leaving they all by myself. Zaroon says I received’t come till Kainat receives aware. Mamoon says she is going to die, you hate her right. Zaroon says its my mistake. Mamoon says fine, you do what you want, however we’re going this night. He goes. Zaroon asks Ghazala to go together with dad, he’s going to manipulate the whole thing. She is going. Miyajaan is going to get a few water. He gets dizzy and drops the water glass. He alternatives the glass and takes sparkling one. He fills water again. Saltanat comes there. He slips by using the watery floor. The water from the glass falls over her. He holds the staircase railing. He sees Saltanat cleansing her face. He is going to her. He says sorry. He receives stunned seeing her and steps again. She asks are you quality, sorry. He goes to the ICU and sits with Kainat. He says Kainat….. he’s taking a wet kerchief and wipes her face. He gets the fake mole. He receives stunned. Saltanat comes. He stares at her. He asks her to come out. She looks for some thing. Miyajaan says Saltanat….. She turns and says yes Miyajaan. He seems at her.

Precap: Miyajaan slaps Saltanat/Kainat. She pushes him on the ground. He shows her to everyone and says Kainat…..


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