Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sabina takes Mamoon out and says I can hardly imagine how Kainat hopped down, will we get captured. He says I don’t have any acquaintance with you did, however Kainat composed that she is in charge of her suicide, I don’t figure she will get spared. She says then police will discover everything, Saltanat thinks about me. He inquires as to myself. She says no. He gets calmed. She says yet she can know it, Ghazala heard us, I need to advise her. He says don’t set out. She insults and says I won’t tell anybody on the off chance that you pay a value, give me 10000rs starting at now. He gives her the cash and requests that her be tranquil.

Miyajaan says everybody has an option to know Kainat’s reality. Saltanat says no, you won’t do this. Nilam gets a call and goes. Saltanat says Kainat really cherished Zaroon. He says Zaroon never cherished her, he didn’t waver to state this, after a wonder such as this, Kainat doesn’t merit anybody’s adoration, I revile such a young lady who could go through a night with another person’s significant other. She gets strained and says nobody can endure this reality now, at any rate consider Zainab, Kainat is her girl, it would be ideal if you I will take a brief trip and see Kainat. She goes. She comes to Zaroon. He holds Kainat’s hand. He says simply observe, the minute I m leaving her hand, there is a tear drop from her eye, don’t have the foggiest idea why I felt terrible, I will indicate you one more thing, her mehendi has Zaroon composed, demonstrate to me your hand. She says truly,

Be that as it may, what would you like to state. He says I feel irate and furthermore awful for her, I guided you to take her to Doctor, none heard me, you generally clarified me and now… .. for what reason are you quiet, say something. She asks what will I say. He says you don’t have anything to state for this state. She says you are excessively drained and you think this, take some rest and afterward we will talk. He says I feel you are increasingly furious on her. She says for what reason will I blow up, its in no way like that. He says I should take rest. He gets up and says see another tear fall, don’t you need to state something, we should contend that somebody is crying on your better half’s leaving, what occurred, you changed after marriage, are you alright. She approaches didn’t you wish for such a spouse who consented to you. He says no, else I would have hitched Kainat. He goes. She sits close Kainat and holds her hand.

Mamoon says we are returning to Canada. Ghazala inquires as to why, we can’t go disregarding every one of them. Zaroon says I won’t come until Kainat gets cognizant. Mamoon says she is going to kick the bucket, you despise her right. Zaroon says its my misstep. Mamoon says fine, you do what you need, yet we are going today around evening time. He goes. Zaroon asks Ghazala to go with father, he will oversee everything. She goes. Miyajaan goes to get some water. He gets discombobulated and drops the water glass. He picks the glass and takes crisp one. He fills water once more. Saltanat comes there. He sneaks past the watery floor. The water from the glass falls over her. He holds the staircase railing. He sees Saltanat cleaning her face. He goes to her. He says sorry. He gets stunned seeing her and ventures back. She asks are you fine, heartbroken. He goes to the ICU and sits with Kainat. He says Kainat… .. He takes a wet handkerchief and wipes her face. He gets the phony mole. He gets stunned. Saltanat comes. He gazes at her. He requests that her turn out. She searches for something. Miyajaan says Saltanat… .. She turns and says yes Miyajaan. He takes a gander at her.

Precap: None


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