Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Saltanat joking and scaring Zaroon of a rat. He says i’ve marked the interviews for today. Mamoon involves them. He asks Zaroon to p.c. his luggage and are available domestic. Zaroon asks did you be given our relation. Mamoon says I just came to take you, I m no longer associated with this lady. Zaroon says she is my might be wife. Mamoon insults her. He says this shameless woman will go away you for her selfish reasons as well, she left her mother and father. Zaroon asks him to depart. Saltanat asks him to speak to his dad with manners.

Mamoon says you made my son away and now you are doing this drama. He scoffs Zaroon on his terrible existence. Zaroon says what’s wrong, we can paintings difficult and achieve the entirety. Mamoon asks how, you won’t get a process without your id, degree and passport, I gained’t go back all the ones matters to you, you may be poor quickly. Saltanat says don’t fear, Zaroon is a NRI, but I m not, i will do a process and run the house till he receives a task, we are able to share the responsibilities. Mamoon says yes, he will sit down again domestic and wash leftover utensils, he will wear bangles. She says men and women are same on this united states, alternate your wondering. Mamoon is going to slap her. Zaroon holds his hand and asks him to decrease his tone, hand and gaze. He says she is my might be spouse, raising a woman isn’t a man’s paintings, get out, don’t compel me to do something wrong. Mamoon gets bowled over and says you broke our relation, i will in no way forgive you ever, I swear. He leaves. Zaroon hugs Saltanat and asks her to awareness on interviews.

Mamoon says Kainat, Zaroon will take into account that he can’t continue to exist just on love, he will simply marry you. Kainat says I understand you have to stop Nadim’s heirship rite first. He says Miyajaan will in no way listen to me. She says he’s going to by no means deliver the throne to Nadim in case you show this to Miyajaan. She indicates a few video and smiles. He receives taken aback and smiles. Saltanat says Zaroon, i’ve come for the interview. Saltanat and Zaroon deliver the interviews. Zaroon says I don’t have my docus with me. They each don’t get the task. Zaroon recollects Mamoon’s phrases. the man says you’re irresponsible and can quit activity whenever as you left your private home. Saltanat cries whilst the person refuses to provide her a job.

Zaroon calls her and asks about interviews. She says no person is giving me a process. He says we can sue them. He makes tea at domestic. He says you’ll get a job soon, its simply first day. He encourages her. He says I m now not a normal BF to cheer you up, i love you loads, I want you to analyze combating on personal. She says i will come domestic and combat with you. He says then come, I m equipped for this cute combat, all the exceptional for the interview. She smiles.

Rubina says Saltanat would have been glad if she was here. Miyajaan tells the human beings that he has determined his inheritor, his son Nadim. Mamoon comes and prevents Miyajaan. He asks him no longer to rush in his choice and notice something. Miyajaan says i can communicate to you later, I m giving all my rights to my son Nadim. Mamoon says the man who insulted our community, you need to make him the guide. Jaan asks Dadi not to do any drama today. Mamoon says this isn’t any drama, I need to prove Nadim’s reality. He shows the pix to Miyajaan. He indicates Nadim gambling playing cards. He says Nadim has received the championship. Miyajaan receives bowled over. Kainat smiles and remembers. facebook suggests Nadim telling Rubina that he isn’t playing gamble these days, he stopped it closing year and images are vintage. Rubina believes him. Kainat hears them and sees the smartphone. Kainat thinks to devise in opposition to Saltanat. fb ends. Nadim says the photos are vintage. Mamoon says you’ve got given fresh wound to Miyajaan.

Nadim says be quiet. Rubina says Nadim has modified, deliver him a hazard. Mamoon says perhaps he is still mendacity. Kainat thinks Zaroon has to come back lower back domestic to kind Nadim and Mamoon’s fight, i will get Zaroon home, he can’t do the court marriage. Dadi taunts Miyajaan for his bad fate. Miyajaan sees Nadim and Mamoon’s argument. He receives dizzy. He holds his chest and falls down. all of them get bowled over. Jaan asks them to name an ambulance. Saltanat comes home and dances. Zaroon says wait, i’m able to fall down. She says wager what, I got a job. He says I knew you may win. She says i love meals, I were given a task in catering employer, this took place because of you. She kisses him and praises his opposite psychology. They romance. She receives a name from Nilam and asks how are you, i was going to name you. She receives greatly surprised. He asks what came about. She says Miyajaan…..

Precap: Zaroon and Saltanat come home. Dadi calls them unlucky and asks them to go away. Kainat shuts the door and smiles.


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