Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Zainab asking Kainat to open eyes and get up. She is sorry and cries. She sees the dark string and supposes I had attached this to Saltanat’s hand. She checks her hands. She supposes how did her fingers get consume. Zaroon comes. Zainab says Kainat… . my little girl. He asks Kainat to pardon him and not leave them. He says I m not annoyed with you, it would be ideal if you get up. Zainab sees Zaroon’s name in Saltanat’s mehendi. Kainat stops her idiom mum, and afterward auntie. She asks are you fine. Kainat sees Zaroon. Zainab gazes at her.

Kainat connected nail clean to Saltanat. She says sorry, Miyajaan took in my fact and needed to kick the bucket, I don’t need this to occur with any other person, so I have done every one of the game plans. She consumes her hands by the light fire. She says when the imprints ruin, I will evacuate the light, there shouldn’t be any verification that you are Saltanat. She grins. FB closes. Zaroon asks Kainat to open eyes. Kainat says quiet down Zaroon, nothing will happen to Kainat, we will get her treated by best specialists, get back home with me. He says no, you go Saltanat.

Kainat says please return soon, I will petition God for you Kainat. She goes. Zainab looks on. Zaroon stays there. Sufiyana… .plays… Zaroon says there is something destroying me to you. He cries. Somebody goes to the house. He hits stone and goes to discover some approach to enter. He climbs a pipe. He goes in and evacuates some pipe. He puts a material inside. He goes.

Zainab sees Saltanat’s room finished. Kainat lights candles and says I m doing this with the goal that you get cheerful for certain minutes. She snickers and says I will get Zaroon and make him mine. She checks a dress. Zainab looks on. Kainat goes to change. Zainab goes into the room and says Saltanat wasn’t such to do this when Kainat is basic. She proceeds to see the nail clean. She checks the satchel. Kainat comes and takes a gander at herself in the mirror. She says Zaroon will get hypnotized seeing me, my each longing will be satisfied today. She applies make up.

Zainab looks on and thinks where is Saltanat’s taweez which I attached to her hand. Kainat says I look so delightful, Zaroon and my child will be wonderful, his name will be remarkable. She considers infant names. She says like Zainaat… .Zaroon and Kainat’s tyke. Zainab gets stunned. Kainat moves joyfully.

Precap: A man pounds the divider to check. Zaroon looks on.


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