Sukhwinder Singh Film Producer Jagbir Dahiya In Haryana Daily Feeding 1500 Individuals

Lockdown has been extended till May 3 to defeat JNN Corona. However, due to the closure of business, its biggest hit is on the poor laborers. In such a situation, Haryana’s filmmaker Jagbir Dahiya has taken command there and is feeding 1500 people daily according to his power.

Producer-director of Bollywood films Jagbir Dahiya has been working to provide food to the poor and needy from lockdown-part one. Jagbir Dahiya started from Surya Nagar and as the lockdown progresses, he is working to provide ration to 378 families every week. For a week, kitchen spices are also being provided to the family with 10 kg of flour, rice, chana dal and chickpeas.

Filmmaker Jagbir Dahiya hails from Bahadurgarh, Haryana, distributing ration packets to poor families there. At the same time, thousands of people are also being fed daily. About 1500 people are being fed daily by Dahiya. He is also giving the food of 400 people to the administration to distribute among the poor. Filmmaker Jagbir Dahiya said that on the demand of the administration, he is also providing cooked food of about 400 people every day and as long as the lockdown is there, he would help. Will stay

Jagbir Dahiya launched the famous singer Sukhwinder Singh as a hero. Jagbir Dahiya says that he is also giving financial assistance to his film unit living in Mumbai. He said that there are a large number of daily wage laborers in film making. In such a situation, they have got money deposited in their accounts as per their requirement. Jagbir Dahiya believes that Corona is a global epidemic and everyone should come forward to help people according to their strengths.


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