Sunil Lahri Reveals About Salary While Ramanand Sagar Show

Viewers are giving love to the serial ‘Ramayana’ which once again started during the lockdown. In the history of Indian television, ‘Ramayana’ has made a record of giving tremendous TRP. With the introduction of the serial, the old interesting stories related to it are once again coming out one by one. Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’ gave so much popularity to the artists that people started worshiping him like a god. Meanwhile, actor Sunil Lahiri, who plays Laxman in ‘Ramayana’, told how much money he used to get in return for work.

In ‘Ramayana’, many cannot forget the love of Laxman who walks with him by being a shadow at every step of Shri Ram. Lakshman with the great character is played by actor Sunil Lahiri in ‘Ramayana’. Recently, in a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Sunil Lahiri told how much money these artists used to get in those days.

Sunil Lahiri told, ‘Just say that Peanuts used to meet. At that time there was not even such a cost as today. ‘ Sunil did not directly tell the numbers how much money he used to get, but he definitely said that the fees were very low.

With this, Sunil Lahiri further said in this conversation, ‘Today any actor can earn good money by doing the same show and can make a better house for himself. But in our time, even after doing the entire ‘Ramayana’ show, we could not think of building a house. Like today, there was no thought of keeping life secure earlier. Today, time is moving forward with new thinking.


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