Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik Roshan Live On The Screen Anand Kumar's Conflict, Strong Film
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Super 30 Movie Review Story: The film ‘Super 30’ is a story from Bihar’s mathematician Anand Kumar who, on the basis of his intelligence and thinking, has the future of many poor and needy children. Hrithik Roshan plays Anand Kumar in the film. So there Mrinal Thakur is in the role of his girlfriend. Virendra Saxena is in the role of Hrithik’s father, while Nandish Singh (Nandish Singh) is in the role of his brother. It has been shown in the film how Anand Kumar, who came from backward class, despite having his skills, has to face defeat due to his financial hardship. In the meantime, the burden of the father’s death is due to him and he starts leaving the dream of his studies in Cambridge University and selling papad. During this, she meets Aditya Shrivastava, who is preparing her to teach in her coaching. This leads to positive economic recovery and enjoys positive improvement in both Aditya Shrivastav’s coaching center.

Now the story takes a new turn from here, when Anand Kumar realizes that after studying in coaching, they are only developing high school children. Children with poor and talent are still deprived of it. In this, Anand Kumar starts his new coaching center ‘Super 30’ where he offers free education to such children. Anand teaches not only the children in their children but also the logic of science in their everyday life to achieve success. Anand Kumar lakhs do not stop his coaching despite the difficulties and as a result, all his 30 students get admission in IIT.

Acting: Hrithik Roshan is in the role of Anand Kumar, who comes from Bihar. The story of the film is also set in Patna. In this way, the Hrithik looks completely molded in a desi style. His movements, his way of speaking, and the expression are seen as a person in Bihar. In the role of Hrithik, both his poverty and his skill are clearly visible. Talk about Mrinal Thakur as well as Anand Kumar’s girlfriend, he has done a great job. His scenes are low in the film but he has done justice with his character. In the film, Pankaj Tripathi plays the role of politician. Their style and dialogue are both very fun and they laugh us a lot. Nandish Singh’s performance in the film is also commendable.

Music: The background score of this movie is its specialty. The way it’s used in the film’s intense season, it makes fun of it. Talk about songs, there is no such special song that you like very much. Though the story of the film is thrilled, but it is left behind in the case of songs.

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Final Take: Today, Team India has faced defeat in the semi-final match against New Zealand. All fences are disappointed because of this. In this case, Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Super 30’ has emerged as an inspiration for everyone. More than the story of the film, its message and Hrithik’s style will awaken the spirit of passion and emotions within you. In the film, Hrithik’s dialogues have hidden his message. This film salutes the rich and not the rich but poverty. Hrithik is the film’s life. At the same time, this story of Anand Kumar will increase from entertainment to inspiration within the audience. First half of film is extremely entertaining. In the later part of the interval, its makers have also edited the drama and here the film time limit goes up a bit. Otherwise its story is very exciting from the point of view of entertainment and messaging.


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