Sushant Singh Rajput another post of friend Rohini for Sushant many emotional messages before

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh allegedly hanged himself in his Mumbai home on June 14. The stars and his friends who have worked with him after the actor’s death are missing him and expressing their love towards him on social media. Many stars and friends have written emotional posts and are remembering Sushant. Meanwhile, Sushant Singh’s friend Rohini Iyer has shared an emotional post.

Rohini has shared a post with Sushant Singh Rajput and shares lyrics of Chris Young’s song ‘Drowning’ in her caption. Now by commenting on this post, many people are remembering the star. Rohini has so far shared 6-7 posts, not one or two about Sushant and in the post she is writing a long message for her friend. Now another post is telling that Rohini is very sad to leave friend Sushant and miss her friend.

At the same time, the police are also investigating in Sushant Suicide Case and are continuously recording statements of people close to Sushant. In such a situation, the police has also talked to friend Rohini and got information about Sushant. Let’s see how many Rohini has posted for Sushant so far …

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If you want to talk about him, celebrate his life. It was larger than life like the movies he aspired to make . Celebrate his work . He put his heart and soul into his craft , he was bothered more about research than make up . He was about quality not vanity . He was a bright star . That’s why he shined sheer magic. Celebrate his brilliance . He thrived for excellence , mediocrity affected him.He rejected anything conventional as easily as he rejected godfathers and big ticket films that he didn’t believe in. He didn’t take calls of the high and mighty if he didn’t want to . He didn’t care about money, I’ve seen him return pay checks worth crores . If he wanted to switch his phone off and go farming or fishing , he would . He broke every rule and burnt bridges sometimes just to light his way . Cos frankly my dear he didn’t give a damn . He was my best friend , my special son. He was my Mozart. He’s given me music , culture , art , stars , poetry, books and most importantly , memories. He didn’t care about most people or what they thought of him . I think he barely had three friends that he really cared about . I was one of them and for that I will always be thankful . He touched every single person’s life and path he crossed . Knowing Rajput was loving him. I just want everyone to know and remember him for the person he really was . Not this manufactured version the peddlers are trying to sell. Maybe he was too good for all of you . He was pure diamond . Maybe you all didn’t recognise that cos you are only used to plastic . You didn’t deserve him. He was intelligent beyond belief and some of you can barely read. And you know what ? He didn’t care about all of you or your dumb opinions then . He won’t care any less now . But I do . Protecting his legacy is important to me . So setting the record straight once and for all .

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Rohini, many other friends are also posting for Sushant Singh. Bhumika Chawla, who had earlier worked with Sushant in the film MS Dhoni Untold Story, also posted an emotional post for him. Apart from this, other stars from Bhumi Pednekar have written a lot for him on social media.


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