Sushant Singh Rajput bought his first bike with tuition money

Sushant Singh Rajput said goodbye to this world. After this people are remembering him. They are being discussed from the industry to social media. Meanwhile, people are watching and watching their old films. A sample of this has been found in Netflix’s top-10 list of films and series currently being watched in India.

Sushant’s films are getting viewers

Actually, people are watching Sushant Singh Rajput’s films on Netflix right now. Two of his films are currently in the top-5. The first film Drive, which was released exclusively on Netflix. The film is currently in third place. At the same time, ‘Kaye Po Chhe’ is also included in the Top-5. It is currently in fourth place just below the drive. This was Sushant’s first film.

Chaman out on top

Jitendra Kumar film Chaman Bahar, which has seen films like Koto Factory and Shubh Mangal More Savdhan, has been released. These films are getting good viewership right now. The film Philhan is present at number one. At the same time, 365 days has occupied its second place. Akhuni film is also present in Top-5. Shayoni Gupta Star This new film is also getting viewers. It depicts the story of the youth of Northeast India.

Money highs and friends continue to flourish

Series like Money Hist and Friends continue to be on the list of Netflix’s top-10 list. The special thing is that these two foreign series remain in the top-10 consistently. At this time, Money Heist is present at number 8 and Friends at number 7. At the same time, viewers also like the Dorc web series. Dork is at number 6. At the same time, Anurag Kashyap’s Chokd is at number 9 and Last Bullet is at number 10.


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