Sushant Singh Rajput Movie Chhichhore Postponed To Release Date Due To Prabhas Saaho

The fight between release dates in Bollywood does not take place. Every year there are so many movies that clash happens. Trouble is more when two big films come face-to-face. This is also happening several times this year, to avoid collision, the film’s release date was backtracked.

On August 30, Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor’s film Chhichore was going to be released, which was discredited by Nitesh Tewari of the riot. On August 15, Akshay Kumar’s mission was going to be released along with Mangal and John Abraham’s Batla House. For the avoidance of this August 15 August, Saho’s release was forwarded to 30 August, due to which the shadows and saho came face to face. To prevent this clash, now the release of the wreck has been released on September 6.

Interestingly, Shraddha Kapoor may have breathed a sigh of relief due to the release of Shahhto and Saaho, because both films are Female Lead and both films are important for reverence. Saho is a mega budget action film, which is also made in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Shraddha will also be seen doing vigorous action in this film.

There is a film directed by Nitesh Tiwari, who gives a blockbuster film like ‘Chhhhore Dangle‘. Of course there is a lot of expectations about this film too. All the film’s main actors will be seen on the two halves of the age. In such a way, Shraddha will get the chance to show the action skills through this movie. Also, they can also give time for promotions to both films.

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