Sushant Singh Rajput News: In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, there are turning points one after the other. Gradually many people who are close to the actor are coming forward. Now Sushant’s former assistant Sabir Ahmed has kept his voice on the issue. Sabir told that once Sushant Singh Rajput took leave and went to his home town, the jewelery started changing after that.

In an interview to the Times of India, Sushant’s former colleague said, “Sir had a great passion for his work.” There was no meaning to him from his outside world. Here, even when he was not shooting, at that time he was studying something. He loved watching the moon with the telescope. He would get up at 3:30 am or 4:00 am to do so. ‘

Sabir told that he did not see anything like peeling the film. Sabir said, ‘Nothing happened to me while I was there. There was no issue that a movie was taken away from him. Sabir further revealed that once Sushant Singh Rajput was on leave and went to his home town, things might have started changing. He said, ‘In the meantime, I began to hear that Sir is beginning to remain unwell and he is disturbed. I don’t know if it was right or just rumors. I tried to call them, but could not get in touch. I was told that Riya had started deciding who would be in her staff. I did not have Riya’s number.

Sabir told that it was coming to hear that Sir (Sushant) was feeling unwell and depressed after coming back from Europe. Significantly, it is discussed that Riya and Sushant returned from Europe in October 2019. Let us tell you that CBI is investigating the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. Apart from this, many types of chats are constantly being shared on social media.


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