sushant singh rajput was was suffering from paranoia and bipolar disorder was admitted to hinduja hospital before lockdown

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has been almost a month. But till now the reason is not clear why he took this fatal step. The matter of depression has already come to light. Now a report is being claimed that Sushant was suffering from two diseases Paranoya and Bipolar disorder. He was also admitted in Hinduja Hospital for a week. This claim has been made in the report by a Mumbai Police officer. 

No evidence of professional conspiracy found

NBT has quoted a police officer as saying that in the Sushant case no evidence has been found that there was any professional conspiracy against him. It has also become clear that the whole matter is of suicide. The police has reached the reason behind this.

The report also notes that Sushant Paranoya and Bipolar were suffering from the disorder and were admitted to the Hinduja Hospital for a week before being declared a lockdown in the country for treatment of these diseases. 

Loneliness was revealed

The police officer was quoted as claiming that Sushant’s mother was suffering from depression. He was undergoing long treatment. Sushant was 16 when he died. He has four sisters, who were married and father lived in Bihar. Some witnesses have told in interrogation that despite being busy in Bollywood, Sushant felt lonely. 

Man starts suspecting in paranoia

According to the police officer, paranoia is a disease in which humans start suspecting others. He begins to think that everyone hates him. At times, he is surrounded by the possibility of killing himself. At the same time, in a bipolar disorder, sometimes a person comes under tension, sometimes becomes completely confident and sometimes becomes completely misguided. In this disease, even if a person is unable to control himself.

Mental patients like heart patients

In the same report, psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty was quoted as saying that the condition of a person suffering from mental illness is similar to that of a person suffering from heart disease. Like many heart patients do not survive even after being admitted in ICU. Similarly, some patients suffering from mental illness also lose and eventually take suicide-like steps. ” 


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