Sushant Singh Rajput's ex-girlfriend Ankita broke silence, Ankita has openly claimed that Sushant Singh was not in depression, read full statement

45 days after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, now finally his ex girlfriend Ankita Lokhande has broken the silence. Ankita has openly claimed that Sushant Singh was not in depression. According to Ankita, Sushant was not among those who get suicidal after getting upset. In an interview to Republic TV, Ankita said, ‘It is a big thing for anyone to use the word depression. Sushant was not one to get upset about anything and commit suicide ‘.

Ankita said, ‘When this news came that he committed suicide, it took me only time to adopt this thing. Sushant was not among those who committed suicide. By the time I was able to think about what happened, then within 15 minutes, his photos started going viral, with which it was being told that Sushant committed suicide. It was said that his mental condition was not good, he was in depression. When I and Sushant were together, we had seen a bad phase, but we both got out of it. He could be upset by anything but could not go into depression.

‘When we started dating each other, he wrote in his diary what he wanted to do in the next 5 years and believe me he had achieved everything he wanted in 5 years. I can say on Dunke’s injury that he cannot go into depression. Where he used to come from, he was the inspiration of many people. It is very sad that everyone is saying that he was in depression. He was an ambitious boy, childlike, he wanted to do farming. He used to say that if nothing happens, I will make a short film. I want to tell people that he was not a depressed boy ‘.


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