Sushant Singh Suicide Case: Mumbai Police met with forensic team, this came to light during investigation

Mumbai Police Sushant Singh is slowly suicide case moving toward its own final report. According to the exclusive information that we have, the top officials associated with this case on Saturday met the five officers associated with the forensic team separately.

According to police sources, in the coming 10 to 15 days the report of forensic investigation will be submitted to the Mumbai Police. According to the police, if the need arises in this case, the few remaining people whose statement can be recorded will be called to the police station in these 15 to 20 days.

What is most important in this is that according to the police sources after the meeting with the forensic team, nothing has been revealed in this case which can be called “sensational”.

Let me tell you that in the Sushant Singh Suicide case, the police have questioned Salma Khan’s former manager Reshma Shetty for 5 hours on Friday. Reshma Shetty started her own separate talent management company, parting with Salman Khan, in which many Bollywood big actors are clients. The police had an idea that since Reshma Shetty sees the work of many Bollywood actors, they may know if some kind of siege was being done in Bollywood about Sushant Singh.

Reshma Shetty has told the police that till date she is with Sushant Singh only 2 times. Neither does he have any idea about the mental state of Sushant Singh nor is there any idea that Sushant Singh was being deliberately targeted in the industry. Let me tell you that even before Subramanian Swamy, many people related to Bollywood and politics from Shekhar Suman have demanded a CBI inquiry in this matter, but at present, the final report of Intejara Mumbai Police is being done.


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