The SIT of Patna Police proceeded to investigate the mystery behind the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In this episode, the police team took a statement from Dil Bechara directorial director Mukesh Chhabra at ten in the night. Mukesh Chhabra talked to SIT for a long time. 

The doctor refused to give the post-mortem report Sushant’s RN Cooper also reached the SIT to the doctor who performed the post-mortem at the Municipal Hospital. However, the doctor refused to divulge anything related to the post mortem report. The doctor said that he has already given Sushant’s postmortem report to the Mumbai Police. If SIT wishes, it can take post-mortem report from Mumbai Police. 

Mumbai seems to be at the behest of the police everything SIT Patna police had no post-mortem report so far. It is believed that all this is happening at the behest of the Mumbai Police. The Mumbai Police does not want all these documents to be handed over to the Patna Police and the investigation should proceed.

Patna Police has written a letter to the DCP of Mumbai, according to sources, Patna Police has written a letter to the DCP of Mumbai to cooperate in the investigation. The letter refers to the investigation and providing information in several points. The post-mortem and viscera report has also been demanded by the Patna Police. 

Sushant cannot commit suicide – Chhabra: 

Mukesh Chhabra told the police team during interrogation that Sushant could not commit suicide. For the last one year, all these troubles had come in his life. Mukesh Chhabra said that Sushant was an open hearted person. Some kind of mental stress was on him, death should be investigated. At the same time, the police team questioned Sushant’s current housekeeper and his banker and recorded the statement of both. If sources are to be believed, the housekeeper said that without the permission of actress and Sushant’s girlfriend Riya Chakraborty, he could not enter the house nor meet Sushant. It was even forbidden to go to Sushant’s room. Apart from this, the police also questioned the personnel of a private bank, who used to deal with Sushant’s bank account. 


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