Sushmita Sen for many years she was fighting this disease

Bollywood actress Sushmita may be away from the film screen for a long time, but through her pictures and social media posts, she keeps her fans entertained. These days Sushmita Sen is in the news about her glamorous photos, workout videos and relationships with her boyfriend. Recently, Sushmita Sen told that she has fought a disease for three years and has also won in this battle with the disease. He has explained in detail about his illness and how he coped with it in a video shared on his YouTube channel.

Sushmita Sen has shared a video, in which Sushmita Sen is practicing with Nanchak. Throughout the video, the actress is practicing with Nanchak and her background music is playing some mantras. Sushmita has told about her illness and the prolonged war in it in the video caption. Sushmita Sen has revealed that she had Addison’s illness and beat her with her strong will and Nanchak workout session.

Let us tell you that Nanachak is a martial arts weapon, in which two handle types are attached on both corners of a chain. Regarding her illness, the actress said that she had an immunity related to immunity in 2014. He said, ‘In September 2014, I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease which causes the immune system of the body to deteriorate, I felt as if there was no fight left in me … a tired body filled with too much despair and aggression. Was.

The actress further said, ‘Dark circles happened under my eyes. I cannot tell you how I tolerated the steroid steroid cortisol and its countless side effects for 4 years during these dark times. It is not more tiring than living with a chronic disease. I had to find a way to strengthen my mind, so that my body becomes its beginning. Then I started doing medicine with Nanachak. ‘

The actress also told, “Aggression, fighting and pain turned into an art. I recovered in time, my adrenal gland became active by 2019, no longer a steroid and auto immune problem.” Let us know that right now Sushmita Sen pays a lot of attention to her fitness and keeps giving videos of her evidence.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen remains very active on social media. She also keeps telling her fans about her life. Sushmita Sen also keeps sharing photos and videos for the fans. Meanwhile, Sushmita Sen has revealed that she was suffering from a disease named Addison six years ago. Which he finished with his determination and the work out of nun chalk.

This information has been given by Sushmita Sen herself. Actually Sushmita Sen has shared a video of herself on her YouTube channel. In this video, Sushmita Sen is seen working out with a nun chalk in the gym. While sharing this video on YouTube, Sushmita Sen wrote a long post. In his post, he spoke about his Edison illness. Sushmita Sen said that her immune system had become very weak due to this disease.

Sushmita Sen wrote in the post, ‘I came to know of an auto inune disease in September 2014 named Addison. It made me feel like there was no fight left in me. A tired body filled with lots of frustration and aggression. There were dark circles under my eyes. I can’t tell the moment when I fought for four years to recover from it ‘

Sushmita Sen further wrote, ‘After much trouble I strengthened my mind and prepared my body for it. I focused on the nun chalk, taking out the aggression. I fought this disease and then pain became an art for me. I recovered in time, by 2019 my adrenal gland became active, now there is no steroid and auto immune problems’.

In this post, Sushmita Sen has also given special learning to the fans. Writing further, he wrote in the post, ‘If no one knows your body more than you, then listen to it. We all have a warrior, never give up, thanks to my teacher Nupur Shikhare for getting rid of this disease. ‘ This post of Sushmita Sen on social media is becoming increasingly viral.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is currently away from the silver screen. But her fan base on social media is huge. She is always in touch with the fans through social media. Sushmita recently posted a video on Instagram revealing an illness.

Sushmita has been suffering from Addison’s disease for the last four years. She said she was able to overcome this due to strong will and workout sessions. Sushmita shared the experience of her illness by posting a video of Nanchak workout. “In September 2014, I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. This disease weakens the body’s immune system. My body was feeling completely tired. This led to frustration. Dark circles began to form under my eyes. I can’t put into words how difficult that time was. It took me 4 years to get out of it. I needed to do something to strengthen my mind. From then on, I started working out, ”she wrote.

Sushmita was completely cured of this disease by 2019. Now she has no problem with that disease. ‘No one knows your body better than yourself. So listen to your own mind. There is a warrior hidden in all of us. So never give up, “she told fans.


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