Sushmita Sen had to go through the perfect look of 'Aarya' with over 30 look tests

Hotstar specials ‘Aarya’ with RMF (Ram Madhvani Films) has been released. Hotstar Specials web series ‘Aarya’ with Ram Madhwani Films has also created a different place in the hearts of viewers. Sushmita Sen has made a digital debut with this web series and it would not be wrong to say that her choice is amazing. Sushmita Sen, who has been away acting for some time, has made a strong comeback with this series. Aarya is a crime drama that has been attempted in 9 episodes. Each episode is about 50 minutes. Do you know that Sushmita Sen had to undergo 30 new look tests to get the perfect look of ‘Aarya’ and for this she worked very closely with her stylist.

Sushmita Sen says about her look in ‘Aarya’, ‘I had to give more than 30 look tests for’ Aarya ‘. Our stylist on the show, who designed the look for everyone, wanted a special look for ‘Aarya’ and I had to go through 30 looks to finalize the look you would see on the show. I was ready to give many look tests for Aarya and finally Ram got ‘Aarya’ in me.

The show features actors like Sushmita Sen, Chandrachud Singh as well as promising actors like Namit Das, Sikander Kher, Jayant Kripalani, Sohela Kapoor, Sugandha Garg, Maya Sarin, Vishwajit Pradhan and Manish Chaudhary. Aarya, directed by Ram Madhwani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat, is the official adaptation of the popular Dutch crime-drama Penoza. The trailer launch of Hotstar Specials Aarya has received a lot of accolades from fans and celebrities across the country.

Hotstar specials show ‘Aarya’ begins with a loving wife and a caring mother (Aarya). He does not wish to get involved in the family business of illegal narcotics, but suddenly his life is reversed. Her family is threatened and is forced to be the one to save them from whom she had always survived. He realizes that to save his family from criminals, he has to become a criminal.


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