Sushmita shares video with boyfriend Rohman Shaul said this about the relationship

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is known not only as an actress but also for her fitness. No matter how busy Sushmita is, she does not forget to do yoga and workouts in her daily routine. Apart from this, Sushmita is also in the headlines for her boyfriend Rohman Shawl. There is quite a strong bonding between the two. Like Sushmita Sen, her boyfriend Rohman Shawl is also a fitness freak. The two are often seen doing yoga and workouts together.

At the moment Sushmita Sen is like everyone at her house in lockdown. She is spending a good time with her daughters and boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sushmita is constantly sharing different types of videos of boyfriends and daughters on her Instagram. Recently, the actress has again shared a video while working out with Rohman, in which both of them are quite ‘balance’. By the way, this is not the first video to work out with Rohman and Sushmita. Both often put their videos doing exercises and yoga.

While sharing the video, Sushmita has also given a suggestion about the relationship. The actress wrote in the caption, ‘I love you my strong Rohman Shawl, a stable relationship requires a balanced center, flexible mind, mutual strength and deep thinking’.

Sushmita and Rohman have been dating each other for a long time. Now the fans also want to see the two tied to the wedding. Some time back, a fan of Sushmita had also asked on Instagram when she and Rohman will get married. Sushmita, however, postponed this reply. He laughed at Fan’s question and asked Rohman to answer it. Rohman looking at Sushmita said that whenever I say yes, I am ready for marriage.

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is seen very active on social media amid lockdown. Sushmita is seen posting her old photos, videos, sometimes with family, sometimes with boyfriend Rohman Shawl on Instagram.

Sushmita has been away from films for a long time but between lockdown, Sush is getting more involved with her fans. Not only this, by coming live on Instagram, Sush has been seen answering the questions of the fans. Recently, Sush has shared a video in which she is seen doing workouts. But the specialty of this video is that she is not doing the workouts alone, but she is accompanied by boyfriend Rohman Shawl.

The couple are doing couple workouts together. Sharing this video, Sushmita has written that my love man Rohman Shawl, I love you. A stable relationship requires balance, flexible mind, mutual strength and trust. Showing this pose.

This posture shows how confident Sushmita is on Rohman as she has given all her weight to Rohman and is in the air herself. Talking about Rohman and Sushmita, Rohman is younger than Sush in age but both look very good together. For a long time both of them have been living in Live Inn where both of Sush’s daughters also live with them.

Actress Sushmita Sen may not be active in Bollywood anymore, but her fitness is the hot topic of Bhai Beetown today. Sushmita Sen is the first Miss Universe of India and by looking at her fitness, it seems that even at this age, she has kept this tag well. Sushmita is leaving no stone unturned to keep herself fit even in lockdown. She also exercises with her boyfriend Rohman Shawl.

Actress Sushmita has shared a video on Insta exercising with her boyfriend Rohman, in this video, this couple is seen posing tuff workout, while through this video, Sushmita also gave a special and important advice to the couples on relationships. is. Sushmita’s fans are praising her by commenting on the video. Let me tell you that this is not the first time that Sushmita has shared her workout video with Rohman, even before this couple has shared many workout videos. Rohman is often seen expressing his love to Sushmita through posts on social media. There are reports that this couple may get married next year.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is spending her time with the family in lockdown these days. She is very active on social media even when she is in Quarantine and often stays connected with her fans. The actress always shares her photos and videos, which are also very viral. Recently, the actress has shared a video with her boyfriend Rohman Shaul, which is grabbing everyone’s attention. In this video, Sushmita Sen is seen doing yoga with her boyfriend in tremendous style, which should surprise everyone.

This video of Sushmita Sen has been viewed more than 6 lakh times so far, as well as fans are commenting fiercely on it. Sharing this video, Sushmita Sen has also expressed her love for Rohman Shawl. In the video, Sushmita Sen is seen doing yoga while standing at the foot of Rohman Shaul. The special thing is that both the balance is also well made. Sharing this, the actress wrote, “I love you Rohman Shawl. A stable relationship requires balance, a flexible mind, mutual strength and deep trust. “

Let me tell you that this is not the first time Sushmita Sen has shared her video or photo with Rohman Shaul. She often shares posts with her daughters on social media. Sushmita Sen came live on Instagram with the family a few days ago. Where one of his fans asked him when you are getting married. On this question, Sushmita Sen deferred the answer to Rohman Shawl, to which her boyfriend replied, “When I say yes, I am ready to get married.” Let us tell you that Sushmita Sen had named Miss Universe in 1998.


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