Swara Bhaskar Has Tweeted About The Mughals, The People Said - Your Money Is Also Given To Them.
Swara Bhaskar tweeted about the Mughals and after that people took him to the target.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar, who is in the news about her opinion on social issues, is once again in the spotlight. At the same time, every time as well, Bhaskar has also been taken by the trollers for his target. This time Swaraj is in the discussion about tweets about Indian politics or any social issue but not about the tweets about the Mughals and are on the target of trollers.

Indeed, Swara, in his response, shared in a reaction of sharing a user’s tweet that the Mughals have made our country rich. Users have started taking aim at this issue of Swara. The tweet that Swar had shared in it was written in that “Mughal came to India in the form of a winner but he is remembered not as a colonialist but as an Indian. They encouraged trade, developed roads, sea routes, ports. Hindus were the richest in the period of the Mughals. Since then the actress has been trolled quite a lot.

After tweeting in favor of the Mughals, users say that Mughal always been robbers and they have done many killings for their benefit. Meanwhile, many users are also talking about the debate made by Mughal and British and raising many questions on Swar’s remarks. Users are very angry with this tweet of Swara Bhaskar and his tweet is now viral.

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It has reached the limit, so today it has only finger in history.

  • Naina Sahni (@NainaSahniG) July 13, 2019


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