Swara Bhaskar Rasbhari memes: Swara Bhaskar's 'Rasbhari' fans don't like it, they are becoming funny memes

Film actress Swara Bhaskar’s recent release web series ‘Rasabhari’ has been released, which is being heavily tamerole. Many viral memes are also being made on it and it has come under the target of fans of Swara Bhaskar. Swara Bhaskar’s new The film ‘Rasbhari’ has been released on Amazon Prime and soon it has become Mame Material. Makers, actresses and Amazon Prime are being trolled on Twitter for Swara Bhaskar’s film.

In a post by Swara Bhaskar, she is seen calling herself a ‘hot teacher’ and she is getting particularly trolled over it. Swara is being trolled using the mimes of Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee and other film actors. ‘Rasbhari’ released on Amazon Prime without much publicity. Swara Bhaskar has been on Twitter for quite some time. People also demanded his arrest, accusing him of inciting violence between communities during the CAA protests.

Swara herself has responded to the troll every time. When #ArrestSwaraBhaskar trended on Twitter, he replied and wrote, ‘And my friends .. that’s why most celebrities in India raise voices only for elephants! #safoorazargar #ArrestSwaraBhaskar #bizarrebuttrue ‘

Swara Bhaskar is an actress. She has worked in many films. However, more than work, she is in the news about her statements on social media. She has also been a victim of anger of fans many times over it. Swara Bhaskar is often accused. It is believed that she supports one side and she is not impartial. That is why she is a victim of public anger on social media. This web series of Swara Bhaskar has also been denied by many Bollywood celebrities. One of them is writer Prasoon. Joshi is also. He has also raised objections to Swara Bhaskar’s recent release Rasabhari.


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